12 January 2014

What To Do If Your Domain Name is Hijacked

What To Do When Your Domain is Hijacked? | Hodgson Legal - JDSupra: " . . . . What should you do if there is no response from the owner? The remedy to recover an infringing domain is to file a Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution Proceeding (“UDRP’). For .com endings, the filings are before the National Arbitration Forum or the World Intellectual Property Association in Geneva, Switzerland (WIPO). The proceedings are in writing, and the cost is a fraction of a real lawsuit. In some cases, you may still be better off paying off the offender and getting back the domain. However, remember that an offer to sell you an infringing domain containing a trademark is evidence of bad faith if the demand is too high and you have to file a UDRP!" (read more at link above)

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