30 November 2014

Prezi, $57 million funding round, 50 million users

"Be a more effective, engaging, and memorable presenter with Prezi, the unique presentation software that helps you connect more powerfully with your audience. Unlike slides, Prezi's open, zoomable canvas lets you show the relationships between the big picture and fine details, taking viewers on a compelling, informative journey they're not only likely to enjoy more, but remember and act upon. So you can go from being a good presenter to being a great presenter."

At the Slush conference, Helsinki, Finland, startup Prezi announced a funding round of  $57 million (and impressive user and engagement numbers) from Sprectrum Equity, a 20-year old growth capital firm based in the United States, as well as prior backer, Accel Partners. Prezi offers cloud-based presentation software.

ref. prezi.com

read more: Prezi raises $57 million as it hits 50 million users

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29 November 2014

FTC Warning Letters, Major Advertisers, Inadequate Disclosures

FTC Sends Warning Letters to Major Advertisers About Inadequate Disclosures | Loeb & Loeb LLP - JDSupra:

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28 November 2014

China Web Conference, Internet Freedom

China hosts web conference, calls for more internet controls"... Facebook, Google and Twitter, which have been banned in the country, can be accessed in Wuzhen during the conference. China has been assailed over its tight control of the internet, including its censorship of online content. Amnesty International earlier described the gathering as a chilling attempt by Beijing to promote internet regulation. “China appears eager to promote its own domestic internet rules as a model for global regulation,” William Nee, China researcher at the London-based human rights group, said in a statement. “This should send a chill down the spine of anyone that values online freedom.” Meanwhile, seven activists were arrested on Wednesday for protesting outside the conference hall, the report said. They were calling on Chinese authorities to lift the ban on Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, 64tianwang and other blacklisted websites..."

see also: Domain Mondo: China Proposes Multilateral International Internet Governance, ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade Agrees (Video) and

expVC: World Internet Conference, Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China


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26 November 2014

Donuts Alleges ICANN Board Breached Its Own Bylaws and Articles

Today on Domain Mondo is a post "Former ICANN CSO Kurt Pritz says ICANN Violated Its Own Policies" about the IRP (Independent Review Process) Donuts Inc vs ICANN filed before the International Centre for Dispute Resolution in regard to applications for new gTLDs (new generic Top-Level Domains) .SPORTS, .SKI and .RUGBY. Donuts Inc., subsidiaries applied for 307 new gTLDs, including .SPORTS, .SKI and .RUGBY, which at an applicant fee of $185,000 per new gTLD means Donuts has an "upfront" new gTLD investment of $56,795,000 in ICANN applicant fees alone.

ExpVC.com has added a link on its web page footer (below) "ICANN Independent Review Process Documents" to allow readers a link to the ICANN web page that provides information about the Donuts Inc., IRP, and all other pending Independent Review Processes.

The IRP filed by Donuts Inc., is of particular interest, as the allegations made in the Request for Independent Review Process by Donuts Inc., are both extensive and serious. Donuts Inc., alleges in its Request for IRP that ICANNby and through its Board of Directors ("the Board"), has breached its own Bylaws, Articles and other ICANN governing principles:

"“[T]he powers of ICANN shall be exercised by … the Board.” App. A Art. II § 1. The entire new gTLD program emanates from the Board’s exercise of that power. In June 2008, the Board adopted GNSO policy recommendations for a new gTLD program... The Board Allowed Decisions on .SPORTS and .SKI to Result from Conflicts… The Board Failed in All Three Case to Exercise Independent Judgment to Ensure Consistent Application of Documented Governing Policies, Violating the Bylaws and Articles in a Number of Ways… The Board failed to “inform” community objection panels sufficiently for them to apply “documented policies” appropriately… The Board has failed to make divergent results consistent with “documented policies,” resulting in “disparate treatment.”… Inconsistent application of “documented policies” contravenes applicable law… the Board has breached the covenant of good faith and fair dealing in contravention of “local” law and the Articles… The Board Must but Has Failed to Act with Accountability and for the Benefit of the Internet Community As a Whole… The subject objection rulings go against key provisions of the Bylaws, Articles, Guidebook and other principles on which ICANN and its new gTLD program rest.  The Board has neglected to assure consistent application of Guidebook rules, implement an appeals process or otherwise correct decisions that fail to apply documented policies, despite Donuts’ significant investment in reliance upon such rules and their  predictability.  This Panel should direct the Board to reinstate Donuts’ three applications and either (i) reverse the objection rulings or (ii) vacate them and appoint properly trained panels to rehear the objections as to those TLDs." (source: Request for Independent Review Process by Donuts Inc.)

Follow the Donuts Inc. IRP, and other IRPs, through the link provided on the footer of the expvc.com web page.

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25 November 2014

IANA Stewardship Transition, ICG Conference Call, Tuesday (US)

Upcoming IANA Stewardship Transition ICG Conference Call: The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) has scheduled its eighth conference call:

ICG Call # 8:
Wednesday, 26 November at 02:00-03:00 UTC (time converter here)
Tuesday 25 November 9:00pm-10:00pm EST (US) 

The community is welcome to attend by way of a listen-only mode Virtual Meeting Room through which audio of the call will be streamed. Translations will be available through relevant Adigo Bridge dial-in numbers and Conference ID codes.

A list of country dial-in numbers can be found here. Should there be no appropriate dial-in number for an interested participant, ICANN will provide a dial-out service to that individual. Correspondingly, language service Conference ID numbers are listed below:

Français – Conference ID: 75929475
Español – Conference ID: 68385764
中文 – Conference ID: 825702
Pусский – Conference ID: 345720
العربية – Conference ID: 82855066
Português – Conference ID: 759752

Participants who are interested in an English line but are unable to join by way of the Virtual Meeting Room may request a dial-out service.

For more information about the ICG and the IANA Stewardship Transition: NTIA IANAFunctions' Stewardship Transition Microsite.
(source: icann.org)

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24 November 2014

Search Results, Free Speech, Google Uses Anti-SLAPP Statute

Take note website publishers, bloggers, and business developers: Google's Search Results are Free Speech, protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution--at least in the US. Elsewhere in the world, it depends on each nation's laws. Further reading below--

Google has free speech right in search results, court confirms — Tech News and Analysis"The new ruling, which is the first since 2007 to address Google’s rights under the First Amendment, came after a website called CoastNews argued that Google had unfairly pushed it far down in its search results – even though, CoastNews claimed, its site appeared at the top of results created by Bing and Yahoo. CoastNews suggested the poor rankings were because Google wanted to eliminate CoastNews as a potential competitor. Google responded by filing an “anti-SLAPP” motion, a legal tactic used to quickly challenge lawsuits that seek to stifle free speech. In a one-paragraph ruling, Judge Ernest Goldsmith granted the request, saying CoastNews’ claims against Google related to “constitutionally protected activity.”"

Responding to Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) | Digital Media Law Project"SLAPP stands for "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation." It refers to a lawsuit filed in retaliation for speaking out on a public issue or controversy. You might be "SLAPPed" for actions such as posting a blog entry, posting a comment on another person's blog, writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper, testifying before the legislature, reporting official misconduct, or circulating a petition. Often, SLAPPs are brought by corporations, developers, or government officials against individuals or community organizations that oppose their actions...."

Anti-SLAPP Law in California | Digital Media Law Project: "You can use California's anti-SLAPP statute to counter a SLAPP suit filed against you. The statute allows you to file a special motion to strike a complaint filed against you based on an "act in furtherance of [your] right of petition or free speech under the United States or California Constitution in connection with a public issue." Cal. Civ. Proc. Code § 425.16. If a court rules in your favor, it will dismiss the plaintiff's case early in the litigation and award you attorneys' fees and court costs.  In addition, if a party to a SLAPP suit seeks your personal identifying information, California law allows you to make a motion to quash the discovery order, request, or subpoena...."

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23 November 2014

Smart phones, Worldwide, units (millions) by country, Q3 2014

Smart phones, Worldwide, units (millions) by country, Q3 2014

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22 November 2014

Internet Facts 2014

HostAdvice – Impressive Internet Facts That Are Sure to Blow Your Mind!
source: HostAdvice

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21 November 2014

A Domain Name? Many Small Businesses Use Facebook, Not Websites

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says Many Small Businesses Use Facebook, Not Websites:
"Facebook plays an increasingly important role in how companies, particularly small businesses, connect with customers, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg said November 6th, during the first public town hall livestreamed from Facebook's Menlo Park, California, headquarters. Zuckerberg said 30 million businesses use Facebook pages, and "something like 30 or 35 percent of small businesses in the U.S. don't even have a website and just use something like a Facebook page to communicate with their customers."(source: Bloomberg BNA)
Who needs a domain name and website, when you can just use a Facebook page?

Domain Mondo | domainmondo.com: Are Domain Names Dinosaurs?: "... Need a web page? Facebook or Google or Amazon or Tumblr or Twitter or LinkedIn or Pinterest (and many, many others) will gladly provide you a web page with its own distinct URL, on an easy to use platform with lots of traffic, accessible on any device, including mobile devices through a native app, all for free! So the real competition for new gTLDS are Facebook et al, and apps--a "Billion-Dollar Trend" that alone is a major domain name killer...." (read more at link above)

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20 November 2014

LIVE video: Internet Governance After Busan Symposium (CFR Live)

Session One: The Global Debate on the ITU and Internet Governance
Scheduled for Nov 20, 2014, Thursday 8:27 am EST (US) Time Conversion
Experts discuss the global debate on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and internet governance. This meeting is part of the Internet Governance After Busan Symposium.
*This Council on Foreign Relations event is made possible by Google, Inc., with additional support from Intel.
Introductory Speakers: James M. Lindsay, Senior Vice President, Director of Studies, and Maurice R. Greenberg Chair, David Rockefeller Studies Program, Council on Foreign Relations
Andrea Glorioso, European Union Information and Communications Technologies Attaché to the United States
Jeferson Nacif, Head, International Affairs, Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications
Eric Osiakwan, Former Executive Secretary, African Internet Service Providers Association; Executive Secretary, Ghana Internet Service Providers Association
Presider: Aparna Sridhar, Counsel, Google, Inc.

Session Two: Technological Change and the Move to Mobile
Scheduled for Nov 20, 2014, 10:13 am EST (US) Time Conversion
Experts discuss technological change and the move to mobile devices.
This meeting is part of the Internet Governance After Busan Symposium.
Dominique Lazanski, Director, Public Policy, Groupe Speciale Mobile Association
Robert Pepper, Vice President, Global Technology Policy, Cisco Systems, Ltd.
Jonathan Spalter, Chairman, Mobile Future, Inc.
Presider: Craig Mundie, Senior Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

Session Three: Busan: What Happened and What Comes Next?
Scheduled for Nov 20, 2014, 11:27 am EST (US) Time Conversion
Experts discuss the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) conference in Busan, South Korea, and what comes next. This meeting is part of the Internet Governance After Busan Symposium. source: Council on Foreign Relations - YouTube

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19 November 2014

VOA Trademark Case, Website with “Undeniable Governmental Aesthetic”

Ref. Namer v. BROADCASTING BOARD OF GOVERNORS, Dist. Court, ED Louisiana 2013 - (Google Scholar)

Federal Government Wins Trademark Battle to Shut Down “Voice of America” Website with “Undeniable Governmental Aesthetic” | Foley Hoag LLP - Trademark, Copyright & Unfair Competition - JDSupra:

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ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Call, November 20

ICANN, a non-profit California corporation (with no stockholders, no membership nothing, other than a Board of Directors which owes its fiduciary duties to the corporation), is nonetheless, planning "ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Calls," the first of which is scheduled for Thursday, 20 November 2014, at 1400-1530 UTC / Time Conversion Link / 9am EST (US) for a report for the Quarter ending 30 September, 2014.

Register no later than 16:00 UTC 19 November / 11 am EST (US)
To attend the call you must register. "Instructions will be sent to those who register."(source: ICANN's Quarterly Stakeholder Calls)

ICANN QUARTER END DATES | Stakeholder Call Date (all times listed are UTC)
Q1: 30 September, 2014 | 20 November 2014, 1400-1530
Q2: 31 December, 2014
Q3: 31 March, 2015
Q4: 30 June, 2015

ICANN Resources:
Monitoring the Health of the Organization - ICANN
ICANN's Annual Reports
ICANN's Bylaws
Beginner's Guide to ICANN (PDF)
Beginner's Guide to Domain Names [PDF, 1.02 MB]
ICANN's Strategic Plan (final) FY16-FY20 (PDF)
For Journalists
Board of Directors Infographic (PDF)
Multistakeholder Model Infographic [PDF, 1.74 MB]
NTIA IANA Functions Stewardship Transition
Enhancing ICANN Accountability and Governance

see also: 
Column: You Are What You Measure (Harvard Business Review)

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18 November 2014

Domain Names and the Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

The US government together with other governments, are by-passing ICANN and the ITU, and entering the realm of direct internet governance of Domain Names and the DNS, through the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement--essentially mandating a WHOIS and UDRP (cybersquatting remedies) for all ccTLDs--

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - IP Chapter: "...WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing nations representing more than 40 per cent of the world’s GDP. The WikiLeaks release of the text comes ahead of the decisive TPP Chief Negotiators summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 19-24 November 2013. The chapter published by WikiLeaks is perhaps the most controversial chapter of the TPP due to its wide-ranging effects on medicines, publishers, internet services, civil liberties and biological patents. Significantly, the released text includes the negotiation positions and disagreements between all 12 prospective member states..."

DNS Policy Notes | Bloomberg BNA: "The text of the TPP's Intellectual Property Chapter calls for signatories to do just two things regarding domain names: (1) provide a cybersquatting remedy [UDRP] for ccTLDs along the lines of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and (2) provide a reliable and accurate database of domain name registrants [WHOIS] in the ccTLDs. All of the countries participating in the TPP -- except for Brunei (.bn) -- have what the TPP is looking for... Fast-forward to the May 2014 IP chapter draft. According to WikiLeaks, the cybersquatting provision appears to have been amended to each country's satisfaction:

Article QQ.C.12: {Domain Name Cybersquatting}
1.In connection with each Party's system for the management of its country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) domain names, the following shall be available:

(a) an appropriate procedure for the settlement of disputes, based on, or modeled along the same lines as, the principles established in the Uniform Domain Name Dispute-Resolution Policy, or that is: (i) designed to resolve disputes expeditiously and at low cost, (ii) fair and equitable, (iii) not overly burdensome, and (iv) does not preclude resort to court litigation; and

(b) online public access to a reliable and accurate database of contact information concerning domain-name registrants; in accordance with each Party's laws and, or relevant administrator policies regarding protection of privacy and personal data.

2.In connection with each Party's system for the management of ccTLD domain names, appropriate remedies, *shall be available, at least in cases where a person registers or holds, with a bad faith intent to profit, a domain name that is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark.

*It is understood that such remedies may but need not include, for example, revocation, cancellation, transfer, damages, or injunctive relief.

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17 November 2014

World Internet Conference, Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China

The World Internet Conference, November 19-21st is being held in the historic city of Wuzhen in Zhejiang Province. The theme of the event is Interconnected World, Shared and Governed By All. Focusing on the principles of innovation, development and cooperation, the event is being positioned as a platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and exchange.

China's State Internet Information Office (SIIO), which reportedly is involved with suppression of free speech in China and internet censorship is actively participating (see below).

The event will have at least ten sessions, covering topics such as cyber security, cyber crime, informatization, Internet finance, Internet governance, and the Internet economy, as well as strategies for "confidence-building" and addressing the digital divide. Speakers include Fadi Chehade President and CEO of  ICANN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Roughly 500 participants are expected. (No online participation)

In addition to SIIO officials, the event will include ministerial-level officials from other relevant [Chinese] ministries, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Public Security. Senior executives of China's leading Internet companies will also be invited, as will officials from G20/BRIC countries, key international organizations, and experts and academics. SIIO and Zhejiang Provincial Government held a joint press conference in October to formally announce the event. The event is envisioned as the first of many annual or bi-annual events.

The Conference website: www.wicwuzhen.cn

World Internet Conference Program:
Wednesday, November 19th,2014
08:30-10:30 Session: New Internet Media,New Ecosystem
11:00-12:30 Opening Ceremony
13:30-15:00 Session: Information Economy Forum: Zhejiang as a Window to China
14:00-16:00 Session: Creating Online Global Village Together
14:00-16:00 Session: Mobile Internet Forum
16:30-18:30 High-level Dialogue--An Interconnected World Shared and Governed by All

Thursday, November 20th,2014
08:30-11:30 Session: Cross-border E-commerce and Economic Globalization
08:30-10:30 Session: Countering Cyber Terrorism with Enhanced International Cooperation
09:30-11:30 Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs Summit
13:30-17:30 Session: Security and Cooperation in Cyberspace
14:00-16:00 Session: Internet and Finance: Stimulating Financial Innovation and Economic Development with Internet
14:00-16:00 Session: Internet and Government: Reinventing Public Service
20:30-22:00 Cultural Show(Invited Only)

Friday, November 21st,2014
09:00-11:00 Session: Global Internet Governance Forum
09:00-11:00 Session(closed door, Invited Only): Constructing a Peaceful, Safe, Open and Cooperative Cyberspace
09:00-11:00 Session: The Rule of Law in Cyberspace
09:00-11:00 Session: Internet Celebrities Dialogue
11:30-12:00 Closing Ceremony/Awarding Wuzhen as the Permanent Site of World Internet Conference

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Internet Society says "No" to NETmundial Initiative

".... Based on the information that we have to date, the Internet Society cannot agree to participate in or endorse the Coordination Council for the NETmundial Initiative. We are concerned that the way in which the NETmundial Initiative is being formed does not appear to be consistent with the Internet Society’s longstanding principles, including:
  • Bottom-up orientation
  • Decentralized
  • Open
  • Transparent
  • Accountable
  • Multi-stakeholder ...."
from the Internet Society Statement on the #NETmundial Initiative http://internetsociety.org/news/internet-society-statement-netmundial-initiative #ICANN #IANA #ISOC @InternetSociety #WEF

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Airbus Drone Is Years Ahead of Google and Facebook for Delivering Internet Service (video)

See the Drone That Is Years Ahead of Google and Facebook -

Satellites are so 2014. Airbus is developing a high-altitude, solar-powered drone that can stay aloft indefinitely. It could deliver wireless service where towers are too hard or expensive to maintain. Sam Grobart reports for Bloomberg's "The Year Ahead: 2015 " series. (Source: Bloomberg Nov12)

ref. airbus.com

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16 November 2014

TubeMogul CEO: We're Seeing `Exceptional' Growth Right Now (video)

TubeMogul CEO: We're Seeing `Exceptional' Growth Right Now: Video -
(Allow video to load after clicking play or go to link above)

TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson discusses the company's growth prospects with Bloomberg's Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg-Nov14)

ref.  tubemogul.com

TubeMogul - Wikipedia: "TubeMogul is a publicly traded enterprise software platform for digital video advertising. TubeMogul’s programmatic software platform leverages real-time bidding (RTB) technology to help major brands, advertising agencies, trading desks, and publishers advertise to global audiences using online video across multiple devices. The company filed an S-1 form with the SEC on March 26, 2014 and went public on July 18, 2014, offering its shares on the (NASDAQ: TUBE) Global Select Market. TubeMogul is headquartered in Emeryville, California and has global offices located in Chicago, Detroit, Kiev, New York, London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Toronto, and Tokyo"

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14 November 2014

Amazon Cloud, AWS re:Invent 2014, Watch the Keynote Videos

AWS re:Invent 2014 | Day 1 Keynote with Andy Jassy -

AWS Sr. Vice President Andy Jassy delivers the Day 1 Keynote at AWS re:Invent 2014. Watch the latest news and innovations for Amazon Web Services and learn from AWS customers and partners who share how they're innovating with AWS. Nov 12, 2014

AWS re:Invent 2014 | Day 2 Keynote with Werner Vogels -

Amazon.com CTO, Werner Vogels delivers the Day 2 Keynote at AWS re:Invent 2014. Learn about innovation on the AWS Cloud featuring exciting product announcements and customer stories. Nov 13, 2014

further information: New Products & Services and AWS re:Invent 2014

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13 November 2014

US State Department on ITU Plenipotentiary 2014: "We Won!"

Morning Tech - POLITICO.com: (11 Nov 2014) "U.S. ITU DELEGATION CROWS ABOUT INTERNET GOVERNANCE SUCCESS. The U.S. delegation is claiming credit for keeping major cybersecurity and Internet governance issues off the table at the ITU's recently-closed plenipotentiary in South Korea...."

The U.S. delegation to Busan was led by Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda and consisted of nearly 130 government, private sector, and civil society representatives. Below are excerpts from the US State Department's Press Release:

"The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference, which concluded on November 7, is a three week, high-level policy conference held every four years. Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda, U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy, led the U.S. delegation to a successful outcome that will greatly support the development of global telecommunications infrastructure and networks. The Plenipotentiary Conference sets the ITU general policies, adopts four-year strategic and financial plans, and elects the ITU senior management team, members of Council, and members of the Radio Regulations Board for the next four years.

"The U.S. delegation achieved its four primary objectives, and all outcomes were agreed by consensus with other member states. The U.S. delegation was elected to another four year term on the ITU Council with more votes than we received four years ago, and Ms. Joanne Wilson was elected to the Radio Regulations Board (RRB). Member states improved the ITU’s fiscal and strategic management and transparency policies and improved the ability of all stakeholders to view and participate in the work of the Union. The member states agreed to no changes to the ITU’s legal instruments (the Constitution and Convention of the Union). Finally, member states decided not to expand the ITU’s role in Internet governance or cybersecurity issues, accepting that many of those issues are outside of the mandate of the ITU. The leadership of the U.S. delegation was instrumental to each of these efforts.
Internet and Cybersecurity Issues
"The United States built a broad consensus that led to success on Internet and cybersecurity issues keeping the ITU’s work focused on its current mandate. The United States worked with other members to mitigate and remove proposed language from resolutions that would have improperly expanded the scope of ITU work and curtail the robust, innovative, multi-stakeholder Internet we enjoy today, while providing clear guidance to the ITU on the efforts it can and should work on.

"The U.S. also worked successfully with partners to eliminate proposed language that could have provided a mandate for the ITU in surveillance or privacy issues; inhibited the free flow of data; regulated Internet content and service companies; undermined the multi-stakeholder process; or called on the ITU to develop international regulations on these issues.

"Finally, a compromise was reached on the Council Working Group on International Internet-related Public Policy (CWG-Internet), which will provide for physical consultation meetings, open to all stakeholders, to be held prior to each of the CWG-Internet meetings. These meetings will allow all Internet stakeholders to directly contribute to the work of the CWG-Internet....." (emphasis added, read more at the link above)

More information and public statements on the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference can be found here:
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12 November 2014

FCC and Net Neutrality (videos); Tim Berners-Lee slams Internet fast lanes 'It's bribery'

FCC Reacts to Obama's Net Neutrality Stance: Video - Bloomberg:
(Allow video to load after clicking play or go to link above)
FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel discusses President Obama’s net neutrality stance. She speaks with Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg 11/11)

Net Neutrality: Will U.S., Europe Agree on Open Internet?: Video - Bloomberg:
(Allow video to load after clicking play or go to link above)
President Barack Obama came out in favor of net neutrality, urging the FCC to regulate broadband similar to phone service. Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols looks at opposition to the proposal and how Europe approaches the subject. He speaks on “On The Move.” (Bloomberg 11/11)

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11 November 2014

IANA Stewardship Transition, ICG Conference Call Wednesday PRIVATE

IANA Stewardship Transition ICG Conference CallThe IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) scheduled its seventh conference call, but has subsequently closed it to observers:
ICG Call # 7 – Wednesday, 12 November at 20:00-21:00 UTC (time converter here) 3pm EST (US)

ICG Call # 7 – Wednesday, 12 November – PRIVATE;
Update (9 November 2014) – the ICG has decided to close this conference call to observers: in the context of the Request for Proposals for the secretariat function, the Selection Team has requested that the discussion be held in private to discuss details.
The next two conference calls (after Wednesday 12 November) are scheduled to be open to observers:

ICG Call # 8 – Wednesday, 26 November at 02:00-03:00 UTC (time converter here) which is 9:00 10:00 pm EST Tuesday 25 November, in the US; and

ICG Call # 9 – Wednesday, 10 December at 11:00-12:00 UTC (time converter here) 6:00-7:00 am EST (US).

For more information about the ICG and the IANA Stewardship Transition, go to the NTIA IANA Functions' Stewardship Transition Microsite.
(source: icann.org)

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Wanelo, Online Retail, Deena Varshavskaya, Charlie Rose Interview video

Wanelo Optimizes Online Retail: Deena Varshavskaya: Video - Bloomberg:
(Allow video to load after clicking play or go to link above)

On “Charlie Rose,” Deena Varshavskaya, founder and chief executive officer at Wanelo. The online social media website and app connects millions of consumers with some of the biggest brands, as well as the tiniest of independent boutiques.  (source: Bloomberg 11/6)

wanelo.com (Want, Need, Love)

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10 November 2014

President Obama's Statement on Keeping the Internet Open and Free (video)

President Obama's Statement on Keeping the Internet Open and Free -
President Obama's Statement on Keeping the Internet Open and Free, video above

Published on Nov 10, 2014: President Obama today urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt the strongest possible rules (Title II), to protect net neutrality, the principle that says Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all internet traffic equally.

More info: http://www.whitehouse.gov/net-neutrality

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Freedom of Speech, anti-SLAPP statute, Wynn, Chanos

"....Defendant Jim Chanos will and hereby does move this Court for an Order striking the sole cause of action in Plaintiffs’ Complaint pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure §425.16. Jim Chanos requests that the Court strike Plaintiffs’ Complaint because it arises from Jim Chanos’s exercise of his right of free speech under the United States and California Constitutions, and because Plaintiffs cannot establish a probability that they will prevail on the merits of their claim...."

Journalists, authors, bloggers, website publishers, et al, take note:

hat tip: Jim Chanos vs Stephen Wynn: Chanos Motion to Strike

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08 November 2014

ITUPlenipot, PP14, "That's A Wrap"

The Bark Was Worse Than The Bite!

Really don't know what everyone was worried about--not much really there from our point of view. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves (personally, the endless meetings and talk were a 'little much'). See you again in four years. Hopefully the Grande Dame ITU will be a little more transparent and accessible then--you are making progress! Peace. -- expVC.com

Oh, if you want to know what happened, just go to the sources:

PP-14 Documents: (English) http://www.itu.int/en/plenipotentiary/2014/Documents/final-acts/pp14-final-acts-en.pdf

Samantha Dickinson's article in Guardian: How will internet governance change after the ITU conference? (7 Nov 2014) http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/nov/07/how-will-internet-governance-change-after-the-itu-conference: (excerpt): ".... Which states came out on top? Not the USA, despite the fact that Toure gave the USA credit for helping with the Crimea and Palestine negotiations. USA tainted its image early in the conference, when it criticised the chair of the group handling internet and cybersecurity related issues. The USA was also a little too aggressive in some of its responses to proposals it didn’t like and a bit too keen to hint to others that it had done deals to get proposals it disliked off the table. In contrast, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden all appeared to come out of the plenipot with greater respect of other member states, including some traditional foes of the internet... What’s next? Discussions on internet issues were intense, but the outcomes were fairly insubstantial. It suggests the internet cold war is definitely thawing after the key battle at WCIT in 2012. States will still need to posture and clearly state their policy positions in proposals, but are more willing to let them go by the wayside … as long as proposals by those with opposing views also aren’t incorporated. This doesn’t mean that states don’t want to pursue their goals - it simply means they are being more patient about how long it will take to get there. The next big meeting to discuss technology and internet issues in the UN world is the General Assembly’s special high-level meeting in December 2015. That will review a decade of activities since the World Summit on the Information Society was held in Tunis in 2005. It is at this meeting, the highest level of the UN family of agencies, that many governments may choose to take up internet issues again... "

ITU Plenipotentiary Conference: Internet Governance Diplomacy On Display

ITU Plenipotentiary Info (20 Oct-7 Nov 2014)

Official ITU Plenipot Website

Plenipot14 on Twitter




@sgdickinson Tweets


LIVE Twitter Feed

ITU-SG PP C: Proposals

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07 November 2014

Report on the NETmundial Initiative Launch Webinar

Statement from U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on NetMundial Internet Governance Initiative | Department of Commerce: "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, November 6, 2014 News Media Contact: Office of Public Affairs, 202-482-4883 U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker today issued the following statement on the official launch of the NetMundial Initiative on Internet governance by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), in partnership with the World Economic Forum.
“I welcome the NetMundial initiative announced today, which is based on the principles and roadmap developed in Brazil last April by the global Internet multistakeholder community. I hope it will be successful in advancing multistakeholder Internet governance that is open, transparent and allows for the participation of all interested parties.”"
The NETmundial Initiative Launch Webinar took place on Thursday, November 6, 2014 (7:00 AM PST). According to the sponsoring organizations, ICANN, World Economic Forum (WEF) and Brazil's CGI.br the webinar session marked the official launch of the NETmundial Initiative, shaped by the feedback collected from the various community dialogues since the NETmundial-inspired meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum in Geneva on 28 August 2014. Representing the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), were Virgilio Augusto Fernandes Almeida (CGI.br), Richard Samans (WEF), and Fadi Chehadé (ICANN), who discussed developments in the Initiative including the website netmundial.org and its role in energizing multistakeholder, bottom-up, collaborative Internet governance solutions in a distributed ecosystem. In addition, a Coordination Council is to be formed--for more information on this and all aspects of the NETmundial Initiative, go to the website: netmundial.org

You can follow #NETmundial on Twitter (top tweets only below) for all the comments (pro and con):

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05 November 2014

NETmundial Initiative Launch, Webinar Thursday

NETmundial Initiative Launch - Webinar Thursday, November 6, 2014, 7:00 AM PST (US)
time conversion 15:00 - 16:00 UTC. From the invitation (pdf):

Webinar Invitation on the Official Launch of the NETmundial Initiative | 6 November at 15:00 UTC
You are cordially invited to participate in a webinar session marking the official launch of the NETmundial Initiative. The Initiative’s way forward has been shaped by the feedback collected from the various community dialogues since the NETmundial-inspired meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum in Geneva on 28 August 2014.The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), will discuss these developments, in addition to the role of the multistakeholder NETmundial Initiative in energizing bottom-up, collaborative Internet governance solutions in a distributed ecosystem.

Virgilio Augusto Fernandes Almeida (CGI.br)
Richard Samans (WEF)
Fadi Chehadé (ICANN)
A question and answer session will take place after remarks from the speakers.

Audio Dial-in Numbers
o USA/CAN Toll Free: 877-397-0286
o Int'l Toll Free: 719-325-4745
o Conference ID: 9037957

Adobe Connect Login Information
o https://djeholdings.adobeconnect.com/r8y97sljopf/
o Click on “Enter as Guest”
o Enter your name
o Click Enter Room

The webinar will be recorded and made available online for those unable to join.
For questions, please contact secretariat@netmundial.org.

International Toll-Free Dial-in Numbers
Int'l toll free - Argentina: 0800 444 8243
Int'l toll free - Australia: 1 800 617 345
Int'l toll free - Austria: 0800 295 793
Int'l toll free - Bahamas: 1 800 203 8243
Int'l toll free - Belgium: 0 800 75 852
Int'l toll free - Brazil: 0 800 038 0502
Int'l toll free - Bulgaria: 00 800 115 1144
Int'l toll free - Chile: 123 0020 6703
Int'l toll free - China, Northern Region: 10 800 714 1511
Int'l toll free - China, Southern Region: 10 800 140 1377
Int'l toll free - Colombia: 01 800 518 1235
Int'l toll free - Czech Republic: 800 700 627
Int'l toll free - Denmark: 80 883 474
Int'l toll free - Dominican Republic: 1 888 751 4803
Int'l toll free - Ecuador: 1 800 020 509
Int'l toll free - France: 0 800 914 217
Int'l toll free - Germany: 0 800 183 0668
Int'l toll free - Greece: 00 800 161 2203 8243
Int'l toll free - Hong Kong: 800 968 835
Int'l toll free - Hungary: 06 800 112 85
Int'l toll free - India: 000 800 1007 606
Int'l toll free - Indonesia: 001 803 016 8243
Int'l toll free - Ireland: 1 800 947 407
Int'l toll free - Israel: 1 80 925 8243
Int'l toll free - Italy: 800 789 381
Int'l toll free - Japan: 00348 0040 0942
Int'l toll free - Latvia: 8000 3532
Int'l toll free - Lithuania: 8 800 3 09 71
Int'l toll free - Luxembourg: 800 2 4396
Int'l toll free - Malaysia: 1800 81 4728
Int'l toll free - Mexico: 001 800 514 8243
Int'l toll free - Monaco: 800 93 601
Int'l toll free - Netherlands: 0 800 022 1719
Int'l toll free - New Zealand: 0 800 451 591
Int'l toll free - Norway: 800 188 28
Int'l toll free - Panama: 00 800 226 8243
Int'l toll free - Philippines: 1 800 111 016 50
Int'l toll free - Poland: 00 800 112 41 48
Int'l toll free - Portugal: 800 827 563
Int'l toll free - Russian Federation: 810 800 2920 1012
Int'l toll free - Singapore, Singapore: 800 101 2323
Int'l toll free - Slovakia: 0800 606 370
Int'l toll free - Slovenia: 0 800 80441
Int'l toll free - South Africa: 0 800 982 293
Int'l toll free - South Korea, Korea, Republic Of: 003 0813 2347
Int'l toll free - Spain: 900 937 669
Int'l toll free - Sweden: 02 079 4840
Int'l toll free - Switzerland: 0 800 890 126
Int'l toll free - Taiwan: 00 801 127 460
Int'l toll free - Thailand: 001 800 156 203 8243
Int'l toll free - Trinidad and Tobago: 1800 203 8243
Int'l toll free - United Arab Emirates: 800 017 0998
Int'l toll free - United Kingdom: 0 808 101 7162
Int'l toll free - Uruguay: 0004 019 0352
Int'l toll free - Venezuela: 0 800 100 8542
-------------------------------------end of invitation

Note: This is a follow-up to the NETmundial Initiative launched by the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, in August, 2014, which was criticized by some insiders at ICANN (see Tweet below) despite the fact that ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé was actively involved as participant and supporter. 

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ITU, UN Women, GEM-Tech Awards 2014 videos

ITU SOUNDBYTES: Gem-Tech Awards 2014 - Doreen Bogdan Martin - Chief of ITU’s Strategic Planning and Membership Department (Published on Oct 29, 2014)

ITU + UN Women GEM-Tech Awards celebrate the power of ICT to transform women’s lives everywhere

7 outstanding organizations leading pioneering projects to harness the power of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) to boost gender empowerment+ have been recognized + celebrated at ITU’s #Plenipot14 Conference with the first-ever +ITU +UN Women #GEMtechAwards.

Find the full list of winners + details on their projects at http://www.itu.int/en/action/women/gem/Pages/winners.aspx

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04 November 2014

Twitter chat with Houlin Zhao, Secretary General Elect, ITU, #askHoulin

Twitter chat with Houlin Zhao, DSG & Secretary General Elect, ITU -

Twitter chat with Houlin Zhao, Deputy Secretary General, and Secretary General Elect, ITU (International Telecommunication Union)--Put your questions to Houlin Zhao via Twitter by tagging #askHoulin. He will respond on Wednesday 5th November 2014 at 8am KST --Tuesday, 4 Nov 2014 at 6pm EST (US), time conversion for all time zones 

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03 November 2014

Now May Be The Best Time to Start a Business on the Internet

You Are Not Late — The Message — Medium"... So, the truth: Right now, today, in 2014 is the best time to start something on the internet. There has never been a better time in the whole history of the world to invent something. There has never been a better time with more opportunities, more openings, lower barriers, higher benefit/risk ratios, better returns, greater upside, than now. Right now, this minute. This is the time that folks in the future will look back at and say, “Oh to have been alive and well back then!”..." (read more at link above)

Online Businesses | The U.S. Small Business Administration | SBA.gov: "Establishing a business presence on the Internet can be a lucrative way to sell, market, and advertise your business’s goods and services. The following topics provide details on how to start and manage an online business.
1. Start a Business
Regardless of where you choose to operate your business, certain general requirements always apply. Before you can begin completing specific online business steps you must follow the basic rules for starting a business. Use these tools and resources to help take you from preparing your business plan and to becoming a successful business owner.
2. Register a Domain Name
A domain name is the web address of your online business. Choosing and registering a domain name is the first step to starting an online business. After you've chosen the name you'd like to register, the process is simple and cost-friendly. Where to register your name is up to the discretion of individual businesses.
Certified Registering Authorities
Internet Domain Name Registration Services
Abusive Domain Name Registration
Be careful to avoid possible security risks by becoming aware of potential scams. The Federal Trade Commission issued a consumer alert about Domain Name Registration Scams.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the non-profit corporation that has technical oversight of Internet protocol address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and root server system management functions. It provides current news on issues surrounding domain names.
3. Select a Web Host
A web host provides you with the space and support to create your website. Choosing the host that best suits a business is up to the discretion of that business. Costs and abilities, such as site maintenance, search registration, and site development, vary from host to host but it is important for it to be both reliable and secure.
4. Design Your Website
The website of your online business is extremely important to its success. Because you don't have a physical location, this is considered your "store front". Websites can be designed personally, by hiring someone to work as your site designer, or by using an independent design firm.
Be sure to comply with U.S. trademark and intellectual property laws. The same laws and regulations apply to online businesses as regular businesses. Search for trademarks currently in use to avoid infringing on another company's rights on your website.
5. Begin Advertising and Marketing
Similar to the traditional market place, online businesses cannot be successful without customers. For online businesses, these customers come in the form of site visitors or viewers. Generating the highest amount of traffic possible on your website will create the highest chance that those visitors will become customers. Register with search engines and use keywords that will drive the most traffic to your site. Advertising and marketing on the internet is regulated very similarly to the real world, and many of the same rules apply. The Federal Trade Commission has created several guides to help online businesses comply with these regulations.
Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road
DotCom Disclosures: Information About Online Advertising
For additional information, visit our guide to Online Advertising Law.
6. Comply with Online Business Regulations
Online businesses must comply with special laws and regulations that apply only to them. A lawyer that specializes in internet law can assist businesses with all aspects of starting and operating an online business. Contact an expert at the Federal Trade Commission for more information.
The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of 1999
Selling on the Internet: Prompt Delivery Rules
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
7. Find State and Local Compliance Information
In addition to Federal requirements, businesses must know and comply with state and local laws and regulations. Select your state, county, and city to determine what's required of your online business.
8. Learn Federal, State, and Local Tax Requirements
Online business are required to follow the same federal, state, and local tax laws as regular businesses. If you are operating your online business in a state that charges a sales tax; or levies a gross receipts or excise tax on businesses you may have to apply for a tax permit or otherwise register with your state revenue agency. Online businesses are responsible for collecting state and local sales taxes from their customers when applicable, and paying these taxes to state and local revenue agencies.
9. Understand International Trade Laws
Operating internationally requires many additional considerations from finding overseas markets and suppliers to shipping and tax regulations. Follow international trade laws for online business to be sure you are in compliance with all regulations.
10. Additional Startup Resources
These guides provide additional information relevant to starting and operating an online business.
Resources for business owners who are starting or operating a business through self-employment.
Home-Based Business
Resources for online businesses that are based at home.
Strategies for Growth: Technology and Growth
A video series where experts and entrepreneurs discuss how taking advantage of the latest technology can help your business." (source of the above: SBA.gov )

11 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Sell (source: Entrepreneur Magazine)

Also a "must read"--Starting an Internet Business | BCP Business Center (source: ftc.gov)

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02 November 2014

GUILTY: Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, CenturyLink, AT&T

These companies--Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, CenturyLink, AT&T, deserve full regulation by the FCC for these kinds of shenanigans--

Jammed — Backchannel — Medium: by Susan Crawford (Oct 30, 2014) : "...The proof is in: Detailed report shows how U.S. Internet access monopolies punish rivals and catch innocent bystanders in the crossfire—legally. Devan Dewey, the Chief Technology Officer of midsize investment consultancy NEPC, has an orderly office and a highly organized mind ... His team’s research led him to suspect something astonishing and dark: that NEPC, and probably many other businesses and consumers, were caught in the crossfire of an ongoing battle between “eyeball networks” run by Internet access providers, such as Comcast and Verizon; and “transit networks” used by competing video services, such as Netflix. He came to wonder whether, in their attempts to charge Netflix for access to their subscribers, Comcast and some other networks were recklessly affecting Internet connectivity for businesses like NEPC. Could that possibly be true? The answer is yes. What started out as suspicion is now fully documented, in a study that has just been released by a nonprofit research consortium called M-Lab. M-Lab’s data suggests the logical conclusion that Verizon and Comcast, as well as Time Warner Cable, CenturyLink, and AT&T, are intentionally squeezing data coming from some incoming networks — in particular, networks associated with Netflix, which competes with these companies in video entertainment. Customers of these eyeball networks are getting degraded service that cannot be explained by anything other than business decisions. And these eyeball networks are acting with an apparent disregard for users not affiliated with Netflix, affecting all kinds of traffic and all kinds of users. By tacitly allowing network traffic jams — affecting only the highways of fiber that Netflix was using to send its bits — everyone else using those routes was getting stuck. NEPC employees working from home, for instance, could barely operate...." (read more at link above)

As for the FCC, it appears they are still clueless:
The reported FCC 'hybrid' plan for Net neutrality is not winning many fans | VentureBeat | News Briefs | by Barry Levine: “This Frankenstein proposal is no treat for Internet users, and they shouldn’t be tricked,” consumer group Free Press CEO Craig Aaron said in a statement. “No matter how you dress it up, any rules that don’t clearly restore the agency’s authority and prevent specialized fast lanes and paid prioritization aren’t real Net Neutrality.”

Update: see also Why the U.S. Has Fallen Behind in Internet Speed and Affordability - NYTimes.com: "....it is telling that in the cities with the fastest Internet in the United States, according to New America, the incumbent companies are not providing the service. In Kansas City, it comes from Google. In Chattanooga, Lafayette and Bristol, it comes through publicly owned networks. In each case, the networks are fiber-optic, which transfer data exponentially faster than cable networks...."

Report submitted by Contributing Editor, John Poole, Domain Mondo

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