31 October 2014

Website Blocking Orders, Counterfeit Goods Online

Website Blocking Orders - A New Tool in the Fight Against Online Trade in Counterfeit Goods | Dorsey & Whitney LLP - JDSupra:

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30 October 2014

Cybercrime, Rogue Registrars: Is ICANN Unfit For Internet Governance?

Documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show that thousands of complaints about suspicious online pharmacies and other websites in 2012 weren’t reviewed for months because ICANN stopped maintaining one of its computer systems.

Law-enforcement officials told ICANN that the website posed an immediate health risk. Less than 15 minutes later, ICANN responded in an email that the organization had “reviewed and closed your complaint.”

Axelle Lemaire, France’s secretary of state for digital affairs, says the “lack of transparency” at ICANN “is very worrying. When it comes to selling illegal drugs online, it’s the health of world-wide citizens at stake.”

“I don’t know how contractually we could do something different than we are doing,” says Akram Atallah, president of ICANN’s Global Domains Division... Mr. Atallah says employees are “doing a very good job.” ICANN’s overall budget is $101 million for the current fiscal year.

Former Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz says ICANN needs continued oversight, partly because of its small compliance staff. Just 22 of the agency’s 300 employees are devoted to policing websites. An independent ICANN could be “dangerous for stakeholders, and more importantly, consumers,” says Mr. Leibowitz.

ExpVC.com Contributing Editor's Opinion:

Here's one truism ICANN has yet to grasp: good governance is hard, but necessary. The Internet's days as a free-wheeling, unregulated marketplace are soon coming to an end. What the end result will look like is yet unknown, but the world re-discovered in 2008 that markets are not self-regulating, and there is a need, and place, for good, effective governance. This applies to the Internet as in all other sectors of public life. Of course, ICANN, a California corporation with no membership nor stockholders, and only a self-interested, self-selected Board of Directors which apparently owes a fiduciary duty only to the corporation itself, not employees nor stakeholders, is anxious to gain independence from all government oversight, without taking on any of the burdens (and costs) inherent in exercising such global authority and responsibilities. Whatever the outcomes of the IANA transition and ICANN enhancing accountability processes, if effective and responsible governance of the DNS and internet root zone, on a global level, from criminal activity is not included (to take just one example), it will not be long before governments throughout the world do whatever is necessary to wrest control of the DNS and internet, globally, or within their respective borders, in order to protect their own populations and public interest from ICANN's "hands-off, just pay me the money" approach to internet governance.

For a view of what real governance within the sphere that ICANN operates, looks like, see this search of US Federal Trade Commission actions. ICANN's source of authority, shield of immunity, and excuse not to govern, has heretofore been its contractual privity with the US government. Once that is gone, from what sovereign source of authority does ICANN have any legitimate claim to exercise authority over the global internet community, domain name registrants, registrars, registries, the DNS, and the internet root zone? No one has really given a good answer to that yet, but it will be a fertile area for litigation worldwide and other international disputes if left unanswered.

And apparently, neither ICANN's President of Global Domains Division (see quote above of Akram Attalah) nor anyone else at ICANN has a clue as to how ICANN, contractually, could do anything differently than it has been doing (or not doing). Perhaps, at a minimum, Mr. Atallah should consult with competent counsel who have FTC, or similar governance and regulatory experience, much of which is based solely on contractual terms.

On the other hand, if you are that clueless, perhaps you are unfit for internet governance.

Submitted by: Contributing Editor, John Poole, Domain Mondo

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29 October 2014

W3C20 Anniversary Symposium, The Future of the Web, LIVE video

W3C 20th Anniversary LIVE, Wed 29 Oct 2014 3:00-6:00 PM PDT (US) Time Conversion
About: http://www.w3c.org/20/

The Web is for everyone. It is our virtual “Commons”—
shared and made stronger by all. And we need you to make it better.

The Web turned 25 in 2014: In October 1994, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to lead the Web to its full potential. To mark the anniversary this year, W3C invites the Web community to a 3-hour Symposium on the Future of the Web to discuss how the Web community can:
  • Build a more beautiful Web to enable our creative expression;
  • Extend the Web to the many devices people use to improve their lives;
  • Support trusted communications, secure and private; and
  • Empower all people to use and contribute to the Web, including support for diverse languages and accessibility.
W3C20 Anniversary Symposium: "The Future of the Web" 
October 29th, Santa Clara, California, USA

3:00–3:05 pm Welcome and Introductions --Jeff Jaffe, W3C CEO

3:05–5:05 pm --Featured Speakers
  • Tim Berners-Lee, Web Inventor and W3C Director
  • Vinton G. Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
  • Fadi Chehadé, President and CEO, ICANN
  • David-Michel Davies, President, Webby Media Group
  • Di-Ann Eisnor, Head of Platforms and Partnerships, Community Geographer, Waze
  • Sue Gardner, Former Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Mohammad Reza Haghighat, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel
  • Jeff Jaffe, CEO, W3C
  • Jun Murai, Dean / Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
  • Alex 'Sandy' Pentland, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT
  • Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project
  • Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, Federal Communications Commission
  • Anders Wahlquist, CEO and Co-founder, B-Reel
  • Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation
5:05–5:40 pm  Panel and Discussion: “Future of the Web”
What must we do as a community to build a Web for humanity? Lee Rainie, Moderator

5:40–6:00 pm  Perspectives on the Future  --Tim Berners-Lee, Web Inventor and W3C Director

Follow #W3C20

Interviews with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) staff and consortium members at the Third W3C Web and Television Workshop, September 2011, Hollywood, CA.

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IANA Stewardship Transition, Report of ICG Conference Call October 29

The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) held its sixth conference call on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 from 12:00-13:00 UTC.

The sole item on the Agenda: Procurement of the Secretariat for the ICG

Secretariat candidates' identities were not disclosed, but there are two final candidates. Decision to be finalized on or before November 15, 2014.

Additional discussion concerned future calls and meetings (dates/times) and the uncertainty about the ICANN meeting in Marrakech. The ICG has handed off substantive IANA transition work to "three communities" (names, numbers, protocols) it maintains are the ones affected by the IANA Stewardship Transition via RFPs (Requests for Proposals) with a tight timeline in order to submit its final proposal to the ICANN Board of Directors for transmission to the US Department of Commerce's NTIA well before the "final deadline" of September, 2015.

Work has started in the "three communities"--e.g., IETF's (protocol parameters) latest draft is at: http://www.ietf.org/id/draft-ietf-ianaplan-icg-response-02.txt--but according to ICG member Keith Drazek (via chat window during the ICG call): "I would also point out that the Naming community is struggling with the January [15, 2015] target date for delivery, so scheduling should take that into account." 

The ICG timeline  originally indicated that the ICG would submit its proposal directly to the NTIA. Subsequently, the NTIA indicated that the proposal was to be submitted via the ICANN Board of Directors which has led to concerns that the ICANN Board may modify (or even reject) the final ICG proposal. During the conference call, ICG member Lynn St. Amour briefly discussed her draft of "ICG's expectations regarding the proposal submission" (excerpts below):

draft of  "ICG's expectations regarding the proposal submission"
                                     . . . .

draft of  "ICG's expectations regarding the proposal submission"

ICG Members participating:
Jean-Jacques Subrenat
Mary Uduma
Alissa Cooper
Hartmut Glaser
Manal Ismail
Keith Drazek
Lynn St. Amour
Adiel Akplogan
Jari Arkko
Joseph Alhadeff
Milton Mueller
Jon Nevett
Patrik Faltstrom
Michael Niebel
Thomas Schneider
Russ Housley
Wolf-Ulrich Knoben

Kuo-Wei Wu

ICG members not present/not participating:
Jandyr Dos Santos
Paul Wilson
Narelle Clark
Martin Boyle
Kavouss Arasteh
Mohamed El Bashir
Elise Gerich
James Bladel

Alice Jansen
Samantha Dickinson
Ergys Ramaj
Theresa Swinehart

More information about the ICG and the IANA Stewardship Transition: NTIA IANA Functions Stewardship Transition Microsite.

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28 October 2014

IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG), Conference Call Wednesday

ICG Announces Sixth Conference Call: The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) will hold its sixth conference call on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 from 12:00-13:00 UTC, 8-9 am EDT (US), Time Zone Conversions.

The community may attend by way of a listen-only mode Virtual Meeting Room through which audio of the call will be streamed. Interpretation will be available through relevant Adigo Bridge dial-in numbers and Conference ID codes.

A list of country dial-in numbers is here. If there is no appropriate dial-in number for an interested participant, ICANN will provide a dial-out service to that individual. Language service Conference ID numbers are listed below:
Español – Conference ID: 68385764
中文 – Conference ID: 825702
Pусский – Conference ID: 345720
العربية – Conference ID: 82855066
Português – Conference ID: 759752
Note: Livestreaming translations in Français will be unavailable for this call, however a translation of the transcript will be provided after the meeting. Participants who are interested in an English line but are unable to join by way of the Virtual Meeting Room may request a dial-out service. For all dial-out service requests please contact Alice Jansen by 11:00 UTC, 29 October.

For more information about the ICG and the IANA Stewardship Transition: NTIA IANA Functions Stewardship Transition Microsite.

(source: ICANN)

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Doreen Bogdan, ITU Chief of Strategic Planning and Membership (videos)

Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Chief, Strategic Planning and Membership Department ITU speaking at the Opening Ceremony of FerMUN 2014, Model United Nations Conference. Published on Jan 9, 2014

Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Chief of Strategic Planning and Membership at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) speaks about ITU's mission to connect the world and ensure that all people enjoy the full benefits of ICTs (information and communication technologies). (Uploaded on Feb 10, 2012)

Video above:  PP-10: Interview with Doreen Bogdan. 4-22 October 2010, Guadalajara, Mexico. Plenipotentiary Conference (Event held every 4 years at which ITU Member States decide on the future role of the organization, thereby determining the organization's ability to influence and affect the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) worldwide.)

Doreen Bogdan-Martin has been Chief of ITU’s Strategic Planning and Membership Department since the beginning of 2008. She is the most senior-ranked woman at ITU. She acts as advisor to the ITU Secretary-General, and is responsible for ITU’s corporate communications, external affairs, corporate strategy and membership – as well as managing the ITU-UNESCO Broadband Commission for Digital Development. Doreen was previously the Head of the ITU’s Regulatory and Market Environment Division in the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT), where she was responsible for programmes on Regulatory Reform and Economics and Finance. She is a leading authority on regulatory and policy trends worldwide and has co-authored a number of ITU publications. Before joining ITU in 1994, Ms. Bogdan worked as a Telecommunications Policy Specialist in National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA) [in the US Department of Commerce] in the USA. She holds a Masters degree in Communications Policy from the School of International Service, American University, in Washington DC. (source: ITU)

How important is it that Doreen Bogdan is: a) an American; b) a woman; c) has worked in the U.S. government earlier in her career? Inestimable. For example, the top elected positions in the ITU do not include anyone from the Western Hemisphere: PP14: Elections for top 5 posts at ITU | Lingua Synaptica"I [Samantha Dickinson] have also been told (but have not independently confirmed) that nobody from the Americas—that’s north, south and central America—has been in one of the top [elected] ITU leadership positions for the last 16 years. I had understood that the tradition in the UN system was to rotate the leadership positions amongst the various geographic regions, but this does not seem to be the case in ITU."

Follow Doreen Bogdan on Twitter @DoreenBogdan

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27 October 2014

Most Popular Apps in US, Mobile Traffic Shares, App Use and Engagement

Infographic: The Top 10 Apps in the States | Statista
Source: Statista

Smartphones: So Many Apps, So Much Time"... the proliferation of mobile devices has transformed us into an app-driven society, presenting marketers with new opportunities to connect with consumers by creating more interesting and sophisticated apps to command their attention. New data from Nielsen shows that U.S. Android and iPhone users age 18 and over spend 65 percent more time each month using apps than they did just two years ago... while there may be an upper limit to the total number of apps users are willing to access within a given month, the amount of time they are spending on those apps is showing no signs of slowing down."

According to a new report from Sandvine, YouTube and Facebook account for roughly one third of mobile traffic in North America during peak periods (see chart below). HTTP, the protocol used for simple web browsing, is ranked third, accounting for 12.6% of mobile traffic. See: Are Domain Names Dinosaurs?Infographic: YouTube and Facebook Account for a Third of Mobile Web Traffic | Statista
Source: Statista

While Nielsen research (see above) earlier this year suggested that there may be an upper limit to how many apps people use, the time people spend using apps continues to increase. New research from Localytics, an app analytics platform, shows that in August 2014 people spent 21% more time in apps than they did a year earlier. Music, health and social networking apps saw the largest increases with usage increasing 79%, 51% and 49%, respectively. (see below) source: statista

Infographic: How App Engagement Varies Across Categories | Statista
Source: Statista

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26 October 2014

Melissa Bell of Vox on the Internet and New Media (video)

[195] BoomBustRT-- Melissa Bell, Executive Editor at Vox [vox.com]:

BoomBustRT's Erin Ade interviews Melissa Bell, executive editor at Vox, to discuss how the Internet has changed the media business and what we might see in the future.

Vox.com's Melissa Bell: 'This is a chance to do journalism differently' | Media | The Guardian: The co-founder of news website Vox.com on how it provides the information to help readers stay in touch with news cycle --"It's not often that a journalist will admit to falling off the news cycle. And yet for Melissa Bell, co-founder with Ezra Klein of explanatory news site Vox.com, that experience lies at the heart of her progressive views on journalism and at the core of what Vox is trying to do. "We [the media industry] present the news in a way that puts forward the newest information, not the most important information," she says... She's talking about Vox's slogan – Understand the News – but also about the motivation for the site, which launched on 6 April under the auspices of Vox Media..."

ref. vox.com

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25 October 2014

Milton Mueller on ICANN, IANA Functions, and IANA Transition (video)

Milton Mueller (GNSO) -

Milton Mueller on ICANN and the IANA Transition (video above) Published on Oct 17, 2014
Milton Mueller discusses his representation of the GNSO on the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) during the group’s second meeting in Istanbul, 6 September 2014.

Read also: Cauldron part 2: Is the names IANA compatible with the others? | IGP Blog: ".... the twin assumptions that 1) the IANA functions operator must be a single entity combining names, protocols and numbers, and 2) that the single entity should be inside a corporation [ICANNthat is responsible for policy making for domain names not only has practical problems – it poses major risks to the future autonomy of the internet. Although it has helped to uncover these dilemmas, the ICG process of allowing each community to develop its own IANA transition proposal actually minimizes these dilemmas. If all of these communities were thrown into the same cauldron to work out their desired transition plan, the temperature would surely rise even higher and the conflicts would be even more intense."

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24 October 2014

Domain Names, Trademarks, Elliot vs Google, Decision, Order, Analysis

How to lose your domain names (and $$ invested) real fast--UDRP followed by Court decision--

"During a two-week period ending on March 10, 2012, Plaintiffs used a domain name registrar to acquire 763 domain names that combined the word “google” with another brand" (from Court Memorandum below)

Elliot v. Google: Memorandum of Decision and Order (see further below for analysis):

Google successfully defended its trademark of the word Google against two Arizona plaintiffs who argued that "google" had become a generic verb and asserted, inter alia, that the GOOGLE mark has become generic. Legal Analysis below:

Use as a verb not always the kiss of death for trademarks: Elliot v. Google | Lewis Roca Rothgerber - JDSupra:

Further reading:
Google Fights Genericide Claim (and Wins)
List of generic and genericized trademarks - Wikipedia

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23 October 2014

Best Coverage of ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, Busan, Korea

Best coverage of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Plenipotentiary Conference in Busan, Korea, through November 7, 2014, is coming from Samantha Dickinson who blogs at Lingua Synaptica and has an active Twitter feed @sgdickinson (see below):

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ITU #Plenipot14 Conference, China's Houlin Zhao ITU Sec-Gen Elect

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ITU 150th Anniversary Video


International Telecommunication Union, 150 Years Anniversary Video Above
(Published on Oct 21, 2014)

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22 October 2014

Percentage of individuals using the Internet (selected nations)

Percentage of individuals using the Internet (selected countries)

20 Oct-7 Nov 2014
Date/Time in Busan:

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21 October 2014

US Delegation to the ITU Plenipotentiary Trying to Prevent a Vote

Here’s how the U.S. plans to avoid a U.N. vote on the future of the Internet - The Washington Post: "The latest battle over who should run the Internet will be waged in the South Korean port city of Busan over the next three weeks. For U.S. officials headed to the United Nation's International Telecommunication Union's Plenipotentiary Conference, the goal is simple: prevent a vote... Complicating matters further is that the rest of the world isn't standing still while the U.S. team is in Busan. The head of ICANN, Fadi Chehadé, has been scampering around the globe in a bid to gain support for a proposal to create a global body to govern Internet content, including privacy and spam, while ensuring that the U.S. doesn't have an unduly dominant role in the process. Throw into the mix the potential for more disclosures about government surveillance programs, and the State Department's efforts become even more complex...." (read more at link above)

U.S. Delegation to the International Telecommunication Union Plenipotentiary Conference in Busan, Republic of Korea:
  • Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda, U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy, is leading the U.S. delegation to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 2014 Plenipotentiary Conference, which takes place from October 20-November 7 in Busan, Republic of Korea. Other members of the U.S. delegation include:
  • Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler
  • FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly
  • ,Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva Pamela Hamamoto
  • State Department Coordinator for Cyber Issues Christopher Painter
  • Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information and Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Lawrence E. (Larry) Strickling
  • Dr. Andy Ozment, Assistant Secretary, Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, Department of Homeland Security
  • Officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Department of Defense. 
The ITU  Plenipotentiary Conference is a three week, high-level policy conference held every four years with the goal of setting the ITU general policies, adopting four-year strategic and financial plans, and electing the ITU senior management team, members of Council, and members of the Radio Regulations Board.

More information:  ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014, Busan, Republic of Korea

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20 October 2014

LIVE Twitter Feed, ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014

LIVE Twitter Feed: ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014, 20 Oct-7 Nov 2014, Busan, Republic of Korea:

More info: ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014, Busan, Republic of Korea

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19 October 2014

ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014, Busan, Republic of Korea

#Plenipot14 media briefing from ITU: The ITU media/analyst briefing ahead of the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014, in Busan, Republic of Korea, 20 October - 7 November, 2014.

ITU Plenipotentiary (official site)  20 Oct-7 Nov 2014 
Busan, Korea (Host Site)
Date/Time in Busan:

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs. The ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 is the last major Internet Governance event this year and will decide ITU’s work plan for the next four years. ITU’s Internet-related resolutions include:
ITU Plenipotentiary (official website)
Twitter Hash tags: #PP14  #ITU  #ITUPlenipot  #Plenipot14
ITU: International Telecommunications UnionICT: Information and Communications Technology
The Internet, US Government, ICANN, ITU Plenipotentiary Conference
On the Road to Busan | Internet Society
Plenipot Update: 28 October 2014 – The Real Work Begins | Internet Society
ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 | Internet Society: Why is the Plenipotentiary Conference Important? The Internet Society's Submission on the 2014 ITU Plenipotentairy Conference. How Does the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference Work?
Key Resolutions and Issues To Watch at the 2014 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference | Internet Society
ITU Secretary-General response to Members of Civil Society
Open civil society letter on transparency at the ITU Plenipotentiary
Statement to the 2014 Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunication Union (JustNet Coalition)
ITU Plenipotentiary 2014 site:internetsociety.org - Google Search

Busan, Korea - Google Map

PP-14 Webcasts
YouTube- ITU
Google+ ITU

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18 October 2014

ICANN 51: Update on Next Round of gTLDs

ICANN 51: Update on Next Round of gTLDs -- Generic Top-Level Domains

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17 October 2014

Friday Meeting of IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG)

IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG): The ICG will be holding a face-to-face meeting on Friday, 17 October 2014 from 09:00-17:30 PST/ 16:00-00:30 UTC in Los Angeles, California (Time zone conversions here). 

ICG Meeting, Los Angeles Remote Participation:

Low Bandwidth Scribe Stream Live English

High Bandwidth: Virtual Meeting Room Stream Live English

Overview: This is a working session of the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG).
Agenda Details below or download https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/agenda-icg-17oct14-en.pdf [PDF, 42 KB] Transcript to be provided

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16 October 2014

ICANN 51, Thursday Schedule Highlights, Wednesday Recap

ICANN 51--Thursday, 16 October, Schedule Highlights:
07:00 to 07:30 PDT ALAC and Regional Leadership Wrap-Up Meeting Part I Olympic
07:30 to 08:15 PDT ALAC and ccNSO Council Meeting Olympic
08:00 to 09:00 PDT SSAC Public Meeting Plaza Pavilion
08:00 to 09:15 PDT CCWG on Use of Country/Territory Names as TLDs
08:00 to 18:00 PDT DNSSEC Key Rollover Workshop Brentwood
08:30 to 09:45 PDT Contractual Compliance Registrar Outreach [C] Olympic
08:30 to 09:45 PDT Enhancing ICANN Accountability Los Angeles
08:30 to 09:45 PDT Thick WHOIS Implementation (Working Session) Constellation
09:00 to 09:30 PDT Working Group on GAC Working Methods Plaza Pavilion
09:30 to 10:00 PDT GAC Work Plan Plaza Pavilion
10:00 to 10:30 PDT 2014 Nominating Committee Public Meeting Westwood
10:00 to 11:15 PDT Contractual Compliance Registry Outreach [C] Olympic
10:00 to 12:00 PDT Community Discussion with the IANA Stewardship (ICG) 
10:30 to 11:45 PDT Deploying the IETF's WHOIS Replacement Constellation
10:45 to 23:15 PDT 2014 - 2015 NomCom Meeting [C] Westwood
12:00 to 13:30 PDT ALAC and Regional Leadership Wrap-Up Part II Olympic
12:00 to 13:30 PDT GNSO Wrap-Up Meeting Constellation
13:30 to 17:00 PDT Public Forum Los Angeles
17:00 to 18:30 PDT ICANN Public Board Meeting Los Angeles

Wednesday Recap (Tweets--go to links for more):

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15 October 2014

ICANN 51, Wednesday Schedule, Tuesday Recap

ICANN 51--Wednesday, 15 October, Schedule Highlights:
08:00 to 09:30 PDT GAC Open Forum Plaza Pavilion
08:15 to 09:45 PDT GNSO Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues WG Beverly Hills
08:30 to 09:45 PDT CCWG on Internet Governance Encino
08:30 to 09:45 PDT Contractual Compliance Program Updates and Q&A Session Westwood
08:30 to 09:45 PDT IDN Program Update Santa Monica
08:30 to 09:45 PDT Strategic and Operating Planning Los Angeles
08:30 to 10:15 PDT GNSO Discussion Group - New gTLD Subsequent Procedures 
08:30 to 14:45 PDT DNSSEC Workshop Pacific Palisades
08:45 to 09:45 PDT APRALO Monthly Olympic
09:00 to 15:30 PDT ccNSO Members Meeting Day 2 Westside
09:30 to 10:00 PDT GAC Briefing to the ICANN Community - Protection of Geo, Names in gTLDs
10:00 to 11:00 PDT Board with NRO / ASO Santa Monica
10:00 to 11:15 PDT IDN Root Zone LGR Workshop Directors
10:00 to 11:15 PDT Name Collision Beverly Hills
10:00 to 11:30 PDT At-Large Policy Roundtable Olympic
10:00 to 11:30 PDT IGO-INGO Curative Rights Protection WG Encino
10:30 to 11:30 PDT GAC Discussion with IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group 
10:30 to 12:00 PDT RSSAC Meeting and Caucus Information Session Los Angeles
11:00 to 12:15 PDT BWG NomCom Report Santa Monica
11:30 to 12:30 PDT At-Large IDN Policy Working Group Olympic
11:30 to 12:30 PDT GAC Communiqué Overview Plaza Pavilion
11:30 to 12:30 PDT NARALO Monthly Meeting Directors
11:30 to 12:30 PDT Registry Services Update Beverly Hills
11:30 to 13:00 PDT CCWG for the Dev. of a Framework of Operating Principles for Future CCWGs
12:30 to 14:00 PDT At-Large Regional Leadership Meeting Olympic
13:00 to 15:00 PDT GNSO Public Council Meeting Part I Santa Monica
13:30 to 14:45 PDT Rights Protection Mechanisms: User Feedback Session Beverly Hills
13:30 to 14:45 PDT What the Journalists Think Los Angeles
14:00 to 15:15 PDT ATRT2 Implementation Update Constellation
14:00 to 15:30 PDT AFRALO / AfrICANN Joint Meeting Olympic
14:30 to 15:45 PDT ASO Information Session Westwood
15:00 to 16:15 PDT DNS Risk Framework Los Angeles
15:15 to 16:15 PDT GNSO Public Council Meeting Part II: Administrative Santa Monica
16:00 to 17:30 PDT ccNSO Council Meeting Westside
16:00 to 17:30 PDT Future Challenges Working Group (FCWG) Olympic
16:30 to 17:45 PDT Universal Acceptance Beverly Hills
16:30 to 18:00 PDT GNSO Policy & Implementation Working Group Constellation
16:30 to 18:15 PDT 2015 and Beyond - An Internet Governance Update Los Angeles
17:00 to 18:30 PDT European Coordination Session (ICANN Engagement Strategy for Europe)

ICANN 51 Full Schedule )
Tuesday Recap (Tweets--go to links for more):
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14 October 2014

ICANN 51, Tuesday Schedule Highlights, Monday Recap

ICANN 51--Tuesday, 14 October, Schedule Highlights:
07:00 to 08:00 PDT At-Large Accessibility Working Group Olympic
08:30 to 09:30 PDT Board with the At-Large Los Angeles
08:30 to 09:45 PDT ICANN's Public Responsibility Olympic
08:30 to 18:00 PDT ccNSO Members Meeting Day 1 Westside
09:00 to 12:30 PDT Non For-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC) Directors
09:00 to 17:00 PDT gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group Constellation
09:00 to 17:30 PDT Registrar Stakeholder Group Santa Monica
09:30 to 10:00 PDT Human Rights and ICANN Plaza Pavilion
09:30 to 12:15 PDT Non Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) Westwood
09:45 to 10:45 PDT Board with the ccNSO Los Angeles
09:45 to 11:00 PDT Commercial Stakeholder Group (CSG) Beverly Hills
10:00 to 12:00 PDT ALAC Work - Part I Olympic
10:30 to 11:00 PDT Election of GAC Chair Plaza Pavilion
11:00 to 12:00 PDT GAC / ccNSO Joint Meeting Plaza Pavilion
11:15 to 12:15 PDT Board with the Commercial Stakeholders Los Angeles
11:15 to 13:00 PDT ICANN Africa Strategy Session Beverly Hills
12:00 to 12:30 PDT GAC Meeting: WHOIS Session Plaza Pavilion
12:15 to 13:45 PDT LACRALO Monthly Meeting Olympic
12:30 to 14:00 PDT CTO Commonwealth GAC Members Meeting Plaza Pavilion
13:00 to 14:00 PDT Board with the Registries Los Angeles
13:00 to 15:30 PDT Non Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG) Westwood
13:15 to 16:30 PDT CBUC Meeting Directors
13:15 to 16:30 PDT Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) Beverly Hills
13:45 to 15:00 PDT Language Services Focus Group on Translation for ICANN.org Olympic
14:00 to 15:00 PDT GAC / ALAC Joint Meeting Plaza Pavilion
14:00 to 16:30 PDT ISP and Connectivity Providers Constituency Meeting (ISPCP) Brentwood
14:15 to 15:15 PDT Board with the Registrars Los Angeles
15:15 to 17:00 PDT ALAC Work - Part II Olympic
15:30 to 16:00 PDT Election of the GAC Vice Chairs Plaza Pavilion
15:45 to 16:45 PDT Board with the Non-Commercial Stakeholders Los Angeles
16:00 to 16:30 PDT GAC Preparatory Meeting with the ICANN Board Plaza Pavilion
17:00 to 18:00 PDT Joint Meeting of the GAC & ICANN Board Plaza Pavilion
17:00 to 18:30 PDT At-Large Ad-hoc WG on the Transition of US Government Stewardship of the IANA Function Olympic

(ICANN 51 Full Schedule)

Monday Recap (Tweets--go to links for more):

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13 October 2014

ICANN 51, Monday Highlights, Sunday Recap

ICANN 51--Monday, 13 October, Schedule Highlights:
07:15 to 08:15 PDT ALAC Meeting with the NCSG Olympic
08:30 to 10:00 PDT Welcome Ceremony and President's Opening Session (more info here)
10:30 to 12:00 PDT GNSO Data & Metrics for Policy Making Working Group Encino
10:30 to 12:00 PDT IANA Department - Who, What, Why? Plaza Pavilion
10:30 to 12:00 PDT SO/AC-Led High Interest Topic Session Los Angeles
11:00 to 12:15 PDT ccNSO Council Preparatory Meeting [C] Westwood
12:00 to 13:00 PDT News Conference (more info here)
12:15 to 13:45 PDT CWG --IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal on Naming Related Functions
13:15 to 14:15 PDT Global Domains Division (GDD) Update Beverly Hills
14:00 to 15:30 PDT All Things WHOIS - Now and in the Future Los Angeles
14:00 to 15:30 PDT Finance Open Session Brentwood
15:00 to 17:00 PDT Joint Registries, Registrars and TLD Applicants Meeting Constellation
15:15 to 16:30 PDT Update on Next Round of New gTLDs Beverly Hills
16:00 to 17:15 PDT ICANN Accountability and Governance Cross Community Group Meeting
16:45 to 18:00 PDT New gTLD Program Update Beverly Hills
17:00 to 18:00 PDT At-Large ATLAS II Implementation Taskforce Olympic
17:00 to 18:30 PDT DNSSEC for Everybody: A Beginner's Guide Pacific Palisades
17:00 to 18:30 PDT Joint ccNSO-GNSO Council Meeting Constellation
18:00 to 19:00 PDT At-Large New gTLD Working Group Olympic
18:30 to 19:30 PDT A Conversation with Steve Crocker and Leonard Kleinrock Los Angeles

Sunday Recap (Tweets--go to links for more):
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