29 January 2014

Hacked, Domains at GoDaddy Lost, Twitter Handle Lost

Quite a story at the link below -- guy gets hacked, loses his domains at godaddy and hacker tells him later not to use godaddy but NameCheap or eNom (as they are more secure) --

How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username — Medium: Hacker: "I called paypal and used some very simple engineering tactics to obtain the last four of your card (avoid this by calling paypal and asking the agent to add a note to your account to not release any details via phone) - I called godaddy and told them I had lost the card but I remembered the last four, the agent then allowed me to try a range of numbers (00-09 in your case) I have not found a way to heighten godaddy account security, however if you’d like me to recommend a more secure registrar i recommend: NameCheap or eNom (not network solutions but enom.com)" (read more at link above)

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