09 January 2014

gTLDs Legal Objections, ICANN just wants the money

New gTLDs? To ICANN it's all about the money! --

Lessons From New TLDs Legal Objections: Dictionary-Word Brand LRO Won't Block TL... | Bloomberg BNA: " . . . unless the rules change, ICANN lets the biggest wallet win and performs no qualitative analysis of competing bids or the overall effect on competition in situations where deep-pocketed parties like Google are an applicant,” Corwin said. Filing a legal rights objection against a TLD application for a string that is a dictionary term and has an open domain name registration model is a waste of time and resources, Brian J. Winterfeldt, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Washington, D.C., told Bloomberg BNA. “Legal rights objections should be saved for cases where an unauthorized licensee or other business partner has applied for the owner's mark as a TLD or in other cases where the TLD application specifically states that it will be used for related goods and services,” Winterfeldt said."

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