31 December 2012

Tips to Avoid Domain Name Scams

4 Tips to Avoid Domain Name Scams: ". . . shady domain name registrars, and illegitimate companies running domain name scams that you have to be VERY, VERY careful anytime you get something faxed, mailed, or e-mailed to you about renewing your domain name. Most of these solicitations don’t come from your existing registrar, and are designed to get you to register a domain name you don’t need (at a very high price), or to transfer your domain name out of your current registrar and over to their company, by making you think your domain is about to expire. HERE ARE A FEW THINGS YOU CAN DO TO AVOID THESE SCAMS: 1). Know who your host is, and who your registrar is. . . .the registrar is the company that you pay each year for your domain name or your address on the internet. Domain names generally cost about $10-15/year. Your host is the company that allows you to put your website files on the internet, and stores them for you. Very basic hosting is around $10-15/month, or $100/year. 2). Know when your domain name expires. . . .3). Always keep the administrative email on your domain name current. . . 4). When you get a notification about your domain name expiring, go to your registrar and login. If your domain name is truly expiring, you can renew it . . . ." read full article here

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28 December 2012

ITU Tries to Give Repressive Governments More Power Over Internet

U.N. Gives Governments More Power Over Internet | Washington Free Beacon: " . . .  the Wall Street Journal reported in a column by L. Gordon Crovitz. Members met at a conference of the International Telecommunications Union in Dubai (WCIT). The results, according to Crovitz, were disappointing:
The authoritarian majority included Russia, China, Arab countries, Iran and much of Africa. Under the rules of the ITU, the treaty takes effect in 2015 for these countries. Countries (including the US) that opposed it are not bound by it, but Internet users in free countries will also suffer as global networks split into two camps—one open, one closed. The U.S. delegation never understood this conference was fundamentally a battle in what might be called the Digital Cold War. Russia and China had long been lobbying for votes, but U.S. opposition got serious only at the conference itself. Even then, [ITU head] Mr. [Hamadoun] Touré claimed he thought the U.S. would support the ITU treaty: “I couldn’t imagine that at the end they wouldn’t sign.” The treaty document extends control over Internet companies, not just telecoms. It declares: “All governments should have an equal role and responsibility for international Internet governance.” …Internet users in still-open countries will be harmed, too. Today’s smoothly functioning system includes 40,000 privately managed networks among 425,000 global routes that ignore national boundaries. Expect these networks to be split by a digital Iron Curtain. The Internet will become less resilient. Websites will no longer be global."
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27 December 2012

FreshDirect Domain Name Glitch

FreshDirect Goes Dark After a Domain Name Glitch
New York Times (blog)
It was a blue Christmas for FreshDirect, the Long Island City-based company that delivers groceries to homes throughout New York City and its suburbs. For a significant chunk of the holiday, visitors to the company's Web site reported finding only a ...

Fresh Direct Fiasco: Company Criticized After Domain Name Mess
And when word spread that all the troubles may have been caused because Fresh Direct didn't renew their domain name, well then the Twitter pitchforks really came out. But it seems people may have turned on their delivery overlords a bit too quickly.

10 Questions to Ask a Domain Broker
Elliot's Blog (blog)
Hiring a domain broker is an effective way to sell a domain name. Reputable domain brokers will know most of the buyers within the domain industry, and more importantly, they know how to reach out to end user buyers to sell a domain name. They also ...

For sale: 'Freedom'
New York Post
No, it is not the land under the yet-to-be-completed skyscraper, but the websitedomain — FreedomTower.com — that is being offered for sale. Florida accountant Frank Martinez actually bought it way back in 1996, long before any of us was indelibly...

New York Post

4 domains in Stephen Colbert's latest book (and one you can buy for $100)
Domain Name Wire
It comes in 3-D, which should be music to the ears of domain name investors that spent money registering ridiculous 3-D domain names. Colbert says 3-D movies make a lot of money, so he figured why not throw it in his book. I noticed four domain names ...

New Names, New Domains, New Internet Coming in 2013
There's now a base of more than 246 million domain names, according the latest Domain NameIndustry Brief report from VeriSign. Today, the most common generic top-level domains are well-known and well-used, including .com, .gov, .edu, .org, .net and ...

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26 December 2012

DNS Industry CEO Roundtable Events

DNS Industry CEO Roundtable Events: "To the ICANN Community, I believe The Domain Name System — and the Industry that has grown up around it — are at an inflection point. With the impending introduction of new gTLDs and the vertical integration of the DNS value chain, we, as leaders within the DNS ecosystem, must be ready to meet the challenges ahead. I am writing to tell you about my plans to meet with leaders of this marketplace to exchange ideas and information about the forthcoming challenges that this sector is likely to face. Sharing this information will help me gain a better understanding of what to expect, and how best to lead ICANN in partnering effectively with all stakeholders as this sector grows and matures.
To achieve this, I am organizing a series of CEO Roundtables throughout 2013 to engage directly with leaders of the DNS industry. Our talks will focus on macro trends affecting the DNS sector, the impact of new gTLDs, and the need to evolve the frameworks that govern relationships among DNS industry participants. The first roundtable is to be held in mid January with registrars. . . . "

What's the fuss about a new UK domain? Don't miss out on your say | Media Network | guardian.co.uk: " . . . . The internet is an unregulated environment built on trust and guided by the principles of free speech and net neutrality, which is good for the internet but potentially not so good for business. We inherently trust online businesses and when this trust is compromised it hurts them as consumers stay away. The continued growth of an internet economy to the UK is so important that it has drawn the attention of the regulator Ofcom who is keen to see changes in how domain names are regulated and to create a more trusted and safer commercial environment. So there needs to be a review. Rather than arbitrary making changes Nominet has sought to enter into a consultation process. To kick it off Nominet has outlined its thoughts in a proposal to stimulate the debate about achieving a more trusted country level domain. . . ."

Wait, Pool.com is still in the drop catching business? - Domain Name Wire: " . . . When a friend contacts me about how they should acquire an expiring domain, the first thing I do is look up where it’s registered. That’s because most large registrars have an exclusive relationship with either NameJet, SnapNames, or Go Daddy to auction off their expired domains. And that’s exactly why Pool’s drop catching business is irrelevant. When the market shifted to these registrar agreements, Pool was left on the side of the road. It was left fighting for the scraps. It always perplexed me why Pool wasn’t able to ink its own registrar deals. In my conversations with registrars over the years, some have told me that Pool didn’t gain much of their trust during the Wild West days of drop catching. On the flipside, registries that have launched in recent years have told me that Pool was the only company that had the end-to-end functionality necessary to run sunrise and landrush auctions. It makes sense that Pool is going after this opportunity. That said, with hundreds of domain sunrises and landrushes coming up in the next couple years, competitors have developed the workflow technology to compete head-to-head. . . "

New top-level internet domains to launch in 2013 | Technology | guardian.co.uk: ". . . . ICANN plans to launch roughly 1,000 new internet suffixes in the first 12 months of the rollout, with the first expected to be available by early 2013. . . ."

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24 December 2012

Domain Holder Wins UDRP Without Attorney

Domain Holder Beats Back UDRP On ManhattanCenter.com, Without An Attorney
“Resolution of the question of bad faith registration of the domain name turns on a point which is undisputed by the parties, which is that Respondent acquired the domain name after seeing its appearance on a “drop list” of existing domain names which ...

Bloomberg: MDLive.com Sold for $200k
Elliot's Blog (blog)
1) This transaction serves as another piece of evidence that there is a huge amount of unreported private domain name sales that take place annually. I would say there are tens of millions of dollars in domain sales that are never reported. This number ...

Daily Dot | The Vatican literally wins the domain name lottery
The Vatican's dominance of the Internet continues as the Catholic Church's bid to control the top-level domain .catholic in Chinese might come true. The Internet ...

When should a domain name be your product name, vs. a phrase ...
The first domain is better. The second domain doesn't make any sense.

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21 December 2012

ICANN’s great domain name auction

.com is so 20th century – Welcome to ICANN’s great domain name auction: "ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has held its lottery draw for 1,930 new sponsored global top level domains (gTLDs). . . The ICANN “prioritisation draw” was held in an all-day event at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton, complete with a barrel girls and the razzamatazz of a Lotto draw. The main purpose of the draw was to determine the order in which ICANN will evaluate the applications. Each applicant paid US$185,000 to ICANN, but if there were multiple applications for the same name, then those applicants must try to decide between themselves who will be the candidate. They might draw straws, have a private auction, or set a joint venture to share the domain name. If they cannot decide, then ICANN will hold an auction limited to the applicants and keep the money. It has already made $350 million from the application process – by such methods does ICANN fund its operations. The top five contested TLDs are:
.play has four applicants (one of them is Amazon )
.dog has three applicants
.party has two applicants
.energy has two applicants
.food has three applicants.
. . . . The original generic TLDS date from the 1980s, when seven were defined (.com, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net, and .org). In 2000 seven new TLDs were introduced (.biz, .info, .name, .pro, .aero, .coop, and .museum). ICANN took over responsibility for allocating names from the US Government in 1999. . . . "

'We Buy Ugly Houses' franchisor wins domain name dispute
The company behind the slogan "We Buy Ugly Houses" has prevailed in an arbitration proceeding against the previous owner of a domain name that allegedly used the company's trademark to offer links to competing services. Dallas-based HomeVestors of ...


5 Factors I Consider When Acquiring a Domain Name
Elliot's Blog (blog)
How the domain name was previously used. A domain name's history is important for a few reasons. I wouldn't want to build on a domain name that had a website that was flagged by others for fraud or a scam. When people search for the domain name in ...

Funny: UDRP complainant says registration in bad faith is “not applicable”
Domain Name Wire
One of the starkest illustrations of a deficiency was the section of the Complaint dealing with this, the third element to be proved, namely that the Domain Name was registered and is being used in bad faith. On this topic the Complaint simply read ...

Report from the ICANN Prioritization Draw for New gTLDs
Domain Name News
Subscribe to RSS Feed · About · Advertising · Submit News · Contact Us · Domain Name Tools & Resources .... on Google Removes the .CO.CC Domains its Search Index; Say it like it iz on Another new TLD Site launched – for .FOOD and many others...

Domain Name News

Accented French Characters In .CA Domain Names Coming January 2013
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
CA domain names comprising accented French characters beginning January 13, 2012. CIRA is introducing support for the full range of French characters, such as é, û, à, ç, ë. Every French character variant of a registered .CA domain name will ...

Domain Names
Lawdit Commercial Solicitors
Most issues occur in relation to trademarks, and if a domain name is a registered trademark, any infringement is assessed with regards to the principles in the Trade Marks Act 1994, i.e. using an identical sign/name for identical goods or services.It ...

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19 December 2012

.christmas delayed till 2014, thanks to domain name lottery

Luck of the draw--

No-ho-ho – .christmas delayed till 2014, thanks to domain name lottery ...
The Guardian
Call it divine intervention, or the luck of the draw, but the pope continued his holy expansion into cyberspace after .catholic in Chinese was the first new domain name to be drawn. The Vatican's Pontifical Council for Social Communication secured the ...

The Guardian

.com is so 20th century – Welcome to ICANN's great domain name auction
Because ICANN will have to vet each application, getting a higher position in the draw makes a big difference to how soon a successful applicant can start using its domain name. “Coming a thousand places higher in the draw could make a year's ...

Lofgren Looks to Slow Down Domain Name Seizures
Roll Call
“Taking a website down or seizing a domain name should be a last resort, opposed to a standardized knee-jerk reaction.” Lofgren, a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee who represents a Silicon Valley district, is not the first politician to ...

Roll Call

Why Swiss International Airlines withdrew its .swiss application
Domain Name Wire
Swiss International Airlines uses the Swiss.com domain name. If it got .swiss it would use it to promote flights. Instead, the government will use it to promote Switzerland. That means we might see second level domain such as alps.swiss and travel.swiss.

Craig Agranoff: Domain Names, Trademarks and Infringements
Huffington Post
These define what's called "bad faith registration." Dates of registration -- the trademark should usually have been registered (meaning the filing date, not the award date) before the domain name, otherwise the domain is probably not infringing on the TM.

Lofgren Looks to Slow Down Domain Name Seizures : Roll Call Policy
By gauthamnagesh@cqrollcall.com (Gautham Nagesh)
At the start of this year, protesters helped derail the Stop Online Piracy Act, which would have strengthened the Justice Department's ability to shut down websites violating copyright laws. Lofgren is set to introduce legislation to address the ...
All News RSS Feed

.Green gets edge on .eco in new TLD priority draw - Domain Name ...
By Andrew Allemann
Green draws are better overall, but that doesn't mean it will come to market first. When ICANN planned digital archery to determine the order in which it.
Domain Name Wire

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17 December 2012

What are the current 22 generic top level domains?

ICANN Announces Timeline for New gTLD Applications: "At its 41st international public meeting, June 19–24 (2011) in Singapore, ICANN approved a plan to dramatically increase the number of top-level Internet domain name addresses, known as generic top-level domains (gTLDs), from the current 22, which include gTLDs such as .com, .org and .net. The decision was the culmination of a multiyear process in which ICANN and its community of stakeholders first developed policy and then worked to address several overarching implementation issues, including trademark protection concerns, associated with the organization’s plans to launch new gTLDs. . . . "

Registry Information | ICANN: " . . . The right-most label in a domain name is referred to as its "top-level domain" (TLD). TLDs with two letters have been established for over 250 countries and external territories and are referred to as "country-code" TLDs or "ccTLDs". TLDs with three or more characters are referred to as "generic" TLDs, or "gTLDs". The responsibility for operating each TLD (including maintaining a registry of the domain names within the TLD) is delegated to a particular organization. These organizations are referred to as "registry operators" or "sponsors". Currently, domain names under the following gTLDs are available, and the corresponding registries are under contract with ICANN: .aero, .asia, .biz, .cat, .com, .coop, .info, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .name, .net, .org, .pro, .tel and .travel. Generally speaking, an unsponsored gTLD Registry operates under policies established by the global Internet community directly through the ICANN process. .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, .org, and .pro are unsponsored TLDs. A sponsored TLD is a specialized TLD that has a sponsor representing a specific community that is served by the TLD. The sponsor thus carries out delegated policy-formulation responsibilities over many matters concerning the TLD. .aero, .asia, .cat, .coop, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .tel and .travel are sponsored TLDs. . . . "

The current 22 generic top level domains?--

domain news links:

Don't Try to Sell Deceptive Domain Names | Elliot's Blog
By Elliot Silver
The other day when pitching a domain name to a potential buyer, he asked me to verify that thedomain name I was selling was the actual keyword .com domain. . . .
Elliot's Blog

Domain Name | Forums | Groups | Go Daddy Support - GoDaddy.com - Go Daddy
I already have a domain name and another web hosting service so how do I get my domain name??

Could Untied.com Be Undone by United Airlines? - Domain Name ...
The owner of long-running United Airlines gripe site Untied.com was hit with a lawsuit this week by the airline itself. Although the site has resolved from the ...

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14 December 2012

Domain name news from around the web

News links from around the web:

Marchex end user sales report, part 3
Domain Name Wire
As I researched this sale, I found that PennWell bought Fire Apparatus magazine from Praetorian, but then there was a trademark and cybersquatting lawsuit involving this domain name after the sale agreement. Procter & Gamble owns ManOfTheHouse.com, ...

Trumpet.com acquired by Noktadomains on Namejet for $57500
Domain Name News
As NoktaDomains.com, we are still going on buying premium domains in order to refresh and improve our domain portfolio. We are ... We believe that, $57,500 is a fair price for a one-word domain and we are proud to be the owner of this domain. In a very ...

Why domain marketplaces deserve 20% - Domain Name Wire
By Andrew Allemann
If you buy some domain name for $10k and year leter you want to sell it and make 20% on it, then you need to sell it for $15k, as $3k is the commission. So to make 20%, you need to sell it for 50% more. If we have such strong market, then ...
Domain Name Wire

Selling Domains – Mixing Cash and Equity | Morgan Linton
By Morgan
First, you want to have someone that genuinely wants the specific domain name you have. If you're pushing hard to come up with reasons why they should own it, they probably don't want it that badly. This is one reason why one-word ...
Morgan LintonMorgan Linton |...

dns - What are some risks of purchasing a "used" domain name - IT ...
If you purchase an existing domain name that was already used by someone ... Some common risks to check: Domain has Bad reputation - check for any existing ...

Domain Name Hosting and Registration - Help & Support
More information about Domain Name Hosting and Registration is available on the ITS Web site. Information Technology Services. Infrastructure. Innovation.

How do I find out that my domain name points correctly?
In case the domain name is being transferred from another registrar, or you have changed the DNS servers so that they point to your account with us, you can ...

What's my best bet when it comes to moving to a new domain name. I did a test on a site it's going great I want to move it to it's own domain name now. How can I ...

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Registry and registrar not liable for infringing domain names

Registry and registrar not liable for infringing domain names - International Law Office: "In an October 19 2012 decision the Paris Court of Appeal ruled that the Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (AFNIC), the registry for the '.fr' country-code top-level domain, was not liable for failing to freeze or block an infringing domain name on notice by an interested party without a court order. The court also held that EuroDNS, a Luxembourg-based registrar, was not liable for failing to monitor the registration of potentially infringing domain names, even in the case of well-known trademarks. . . .

ICANN opens ticket purchases for their new gTLD Lottery
Domain Name News
ICANN has opened their ticket sales for the lottery for new TLD applicants earlier today. Ticket sales end on December 17th at 11am PST. Due to the lottery laws in California, the tickets have to purchased for $100 in person. Originally ICANN had ...

32 end user domain sales from $1000 to $80000
Domain Name Wire
Capella Education Company bought the name of its CEO, KevinGilligan.com, for $2,595. Investment firm The Capital ... $2,588 for FlatFeeLegal.com. Blaze Clearing Services dropped the hyphen from its domain by picking up BlazeServices.com for $1,395.. . .

Local Corporation Granted U.S. Web Domain Name Patent
Business Wire (press release)
IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Local Corporation (NASDAQ:LOCM), a leading online local media company, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company patent number 8,312,125, which covers a method and ...

Domain Name System Solicitations Baffle Businesses
Delta News Web
11, 2012 – Business owners and their employees report puzzling statements in the mail that appear to look like bills or invoices for Internet domain “cloud” services. Since September 2012, Better Business Bureau has seen a sudden uptick in complaints ...

Investing.com Is 2012's Priciest URL, but the Real Money Is Still in Sin
In the Olympic marathon that is the world of online business, Investing.com wins the 2012 gold medal as the most expensive domain name sold this year -- and one of the most expensive website names sold in the history of the Internet. The news hit the ...

What Is A One Word .INFO Worth To You? | Morgan Linton
By Morgan
This morning I wrote an article about the sweet spot in the Domain Investing world, one and two word . ... .info, and ,us have really taken huge hits in the past year, yes they are one keyword generics, which are always desirable in any tld, but with all these new extensions coming online, one really shouldn't be spending $10k on these type of names. Yes, very ... So, if a dot com with such a namecan dispense information from oil change to SEO, why then would one need a dot info site?. . .

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12 December 2012

ICANN Strategic Plan

If you're a domainer or involved with domains in any way, this is worth checking out--

ICANN Strategic and Operating Plan Process | ICANN: "ICANN produces a three-year Strategic Plan (reviewed and updated annually), along with a framework for the draft Operating Plan and Budget, and an annual Operating Plan. The ICANN planning process is continuous and allows for an overlapping of its three components: Strategic Plan, which is developed with community input usually between July and February Framework for the Operating Plan and Budget that begins in December with community input and target setting Draft Operating Plan and Budget that is posted by 17 May of each year for final community review This year's approved Strategic Plan 2012-2015 [PDF, 864 KB] – adopted by the ICANN Board during the Special Meeting of the Board of Directors held in Amsterdam on 6 May 2012. The Strategic Plan feeds into the Operating Plan and Budget and helps to define ICANN's yearly goals and priorities. . . ."

(above screenshots from ICANN plan)

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10 December 2012

Domain Buying and Domain Selling

Internet Marketing Domain Buying and Domain Selling Strong Numbers
ADI News
You do some research and discover that you need to buy a domain. Actually, it sounds much more difficult than it actually is. The easiest way to have the domain name that is perfect for you is to buy one that has already been created. You can check for ...

ADI News

Domain Name - Google
Domain Name, JWDG, 12/6/12 1:39 PM, I bought my site's domain name through Google. However, we're looking to expand to a more sophisticated website ...

Do I Need My Own Domain Name? - How to Website Spot
Just getting into this whole blogging or website building thing? Asking "Do I need my own domain name?" Learn when to register a domain and when not to by ...

Tim Kuik wins WIPO for domain name TimKuik.org - Robbie's Blog
Black Friday Deals: $1.99 .COM from GoDaddy.com! Tim Kuik wins WIPO for domain nameTimKuik.org. Tim Kuik, head of the Hollywood-backed anti-piracy ...

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09 December 2012

What is a gTLD?

A gTLD a/k/a generic top level domain--

Reveal Day 13 June 2012 – New gTLD Applied-For Strings | ICANN New gTLDs: "ICANN developed the New generic Top-Level Domain Program to increase competition and choice by introducing new gTLDs into the Internet’s addressing system. What is a gTLD? It is an Internet domain name extension such as the familiar .com, .net, or .org. There are 280 ccTLDs but only 22 "generics" in the domain name system right now, but that is all about to change. The new gTLD application window opened on 12 January 2012 and closed on 30 May 2012." The following link displays all of the gTLD strings that were applied for during this
round. - http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/application-results/strings-1200utc-13jun12-en
PDF [602 KB] | CSV [245 KB] | More Information

A new domain for leading brands - Business Review Europe: " . . . . Since the close of the application window, though, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. In fact, after the applied-for TLD ‘strings’ (names) were made public in June, a number of concerns were raised about the new TLD programme as well as specific proposed domains. For example, applications for the .ISLAM, .CATHOLIC and .PORN strings were met with a degree of opposition, but even less controversial domains such as .BOOKS (applied for by Amazon) and .BEAUTY (applied for by L’Oreal) have encountered resistance. Many of these objections rest on the idea that such TLD strings are for publicly owned generic terms and that they should not be monopolised by companies who are able to pay for their use as TLDs. In particular, concerns that the applications made by corporate giants such as Microsoft (for .DOCS) and Amazon (for .BOOKS) will reinforce their dominant market positions and equip them with an unfair advantage over smaller competitors in their field. However, many people don’t realise that issues concerning generic strings have already been confronted and dealt with in the trademark world. For example, despite the minor furore that .BEAUTY might provoke, it’s a term that has been trademarked in the US since 1996, and no negative outcomes or public limits to its use have emerged as a result of this private ownership. In fact, the internet has dealt for years with the use of generic terms across all existing top-level domains. The ‘dot com’ of ‘beauty’, for instance, is a successful company owned by Walgreens and has sparked little controversy. . . ."

Cnet Does Feature Story On Mike Mann: “Meet the ‘Mann’ who registered 14,962 domains in 24 hours” | TheDomains.com – Domain Blog: "Mike Mann - ".Com is king and will always win, every other decent site and app needs the .com perpetually or their competitors will, and for branding and google too, memory, flight to quality forever, no replacement technologies or ideas will beat it. Mark my words and sales. .Co is next best bet as my investments show too."

ICANN’s gTLD auction proceeds should be used to bring mesh technologies to Africa. - Slate Magazine: "For instance, the .web gTLD is widely desired by a number of different organizations, as it is the most likely contender to possibly challenge the king of all gTLDs: .com. There are currently eight applicants for .web, including Google, German Internet giant 1&1, and incumbent registry operator Afilias (which manages .org and .info) among other bidders. We expect that the bidding for .web alone is likely to be in excess of $5 million and could potentially reach $10 million or more. For the .app gTLD, there are 11 applicants—and we may see a titanic bidding war between Google and Amazon. There are hundreds more contended strings that are likely to go to auction and raise tens of millions of additional dollars—even $100 million isn’t out of the question."

Tip To Find a Domain Buyer Contact Email
Elliot's Blog (blog)
I have personally found that it's much easier to sell a domain name to a small to medium sized business than others (aside from other domain investors). SMBs may have a smaller budget and might not understand the value of domain names, but SMB owners ...

Verisign keeps domain oversight, at a price | Maryland Daily Record
By Associated Press
Under the old contract, which expired Friday, VeriSign was guaranteed four price increases of up to 7 percent each on domain name registrations. VeriSign sought a similar guarantee as part of the contract renewal, but the Commerce ...
Maryland Daily Record

dns - Forward domain from 1 host to another providers web site ...
By user1869991
The only reason they do that is so they can have complete control over your domain name (getting the registration fees, decreasing their own support costs). You should avoid such hosts because they intentionally put up obstacles for their ...
Recent Questions - Stack Overflow

Keyword in Domain Name - SEO Chat
Keyword in Domain Name- Google Optimization. Visit SEO Chat to discuss Keyword in Domain Name.

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07 December 2012

Kinds of domains reselling for less than $1000

What kind of domains are selling for under $1000?
Domain Name Wire
Yet understanding which types of domains are selling for three figures can be valuable for domaininvestors. Thankfully, Afternic's updated web site shares a selection of domain sales from all price ranges. Here are some observations after sorting ...

Collector told to Lego of his domain name
Burton Mail
Despite Mr Weston's protests, Nominet, the UK's internet domain name dispute resolution service, ruled he had made an 'abusive registration' in creating the web address, and was ordered to transfer the domain name to the company. Carl Gardner, from ...

Burton Mail

COTA asks F1 race fan to give up website
However, COTA is concerned that your registration and use of this domain name in this manner will likely cause confusion among consumers… COTA is also concerned that such use will weaken the distinctiveness of the Circuit of The Americas mark.” ...

website - .com domain with hyphen or .info without hyphen ...
By Dark Dragon
To keep answers on topic, please do not suggest something like "add one more word and buy .com", "choose other name and buy .com", etc. I already tried that, and couldn't find good alternatives. I also considered other non .com domain ...
Recent Questions - OnStartups...

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French registry and registrar not liable for infringing domain names

French registry and registrar not liable for infringing domain names
World Trademark Review (subscription)
The Paris Court of Appeal has ruled that AFNIC, the registry for the '.fr' country-code top-level domain, was not liable for failing to freeze or block an infringing domain name upon notice by an interested party without a court order. The court also ...

The 2016 presidential domain-name race heats up
The Daily Dot
The 2016 presidential race is heating up online, but no one is looking for delegates. It's domain names people are after. With the next presidential election still four years away (although, let's be honest, some people started thinking about it as ...

.eu domain name registrations rise 7% in Q3
Telecompaper (subscription)
Third-quarter .eu domain name registrations grew by over 7 percent year-on-year for the second consecutive quarter, according to a report from the .eu registry, EURid. The third quarter's net growth rate of 7.4 percent was consistent with the second ...

One Way I Evaluate a Domain Name to Buy
Elliot's Blog (blog)
One of the things I look at when evaluating domain names to acquire is how many other TLDs are registered for that keyword. Obviously, the more domain names that are registered, the better. In addition, I also look at very similar keyword domain names, ...

Not a win-win: FranklinCovey sued for bidding on Franklin.com on Google ...
Domain Name Wire
I can certainly see where the plaintiff is coming from with the bidding on Franklin.com, since FranklinCovey is bidding on a domain name it doesn't own. Franklin might be more of a stretch. It reminds me a little bit of when a company wins a UDRP for a ...

Citigroup sues to get CityCard.com, a domain it won in UDRP
Domain Name Wire
When Citigroup filed its UDRP against the owner of CityCard.com, it most likely agreed to jurisdiction in South Korea should the respondent in the case file a lawsuit over the domain name. Now the company is upset over what that court ruled because it ...

Domain upgraders: 2 types of ridiculously qualified buyers for your domain names
Domain Name Wire
Since I create a list of end user domain names sales each week, I notice some pretty strong patterns amongst end user buyers. One of the biggest categories of buyers are the “upgrade” buyers. The domain name they buy is almost exactly like the one they ...

A Rare Opportunity to Lock in a Secure Investment on the Edge of the Fiscal ...
The enduring question very well may have an answer- because there's a “For Sale” sign hanging on the ultimate website for online security, along with its existing SSL business and moniker domain name, SSL.com. SSL's across the industry are sold with ...

Should dotPH keep control of the PH domain registry?
Critics, notably PHNet (which handles the .edu.ph namespace and previously .gov.ph) and the proponents of the Philippine Domain Name Authority Convenors (PhilDAC) among others, say dotPH engages in monopolistic practices, which has contributed to a ...

Some Companies Must Do More To Protect Brand Identity
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
It is also a misconception that domain names are protected intellectual property assets. They are not. Domain names do not grant trademark or similar proprietary rights. The owner of a domain name registration is simply the owner of that registration ...

Highest reported .COM domain name sales in November,2012 ...
By editor@domainnews.com (Domain News)
FreeWebsite.com was the highest selling .COM domain name in November,2012.The domain namewas sold for $500,000 through a Private sale . Here are the top 15 .COM domain sales in November,2012 : 1. FreeWebsite.com $500,000. 2.
Domain Name News, Domain Industry...

Fifth Circuit Says First Amendment May Protect Domain Names ...
By MHoven
Gibson, a plaintiff's attorney specializing in workers' compensation law, ran a website with thedomain name “texasworkerscomplaw.com.” In February 2011, he received a cease-and-desist letter informing him that his domain name violated a ...
JOLT Digest

SSL.com Hits The Market Including Operating Business, Trademarks ...
By Michael Berkens
The category killer domain name SSL.com has just hit the market. But the SSL.com is not just a domain sale. It includes a profitable business, federal trademarks and patents pending”. The domain name is being brokered by MediaOptions.
TheDomains.com - Domain Blog

[Rails] How to allow the user to use their own domain name | Ruby ...
By Ruby on Rails
I am currently having feature where my users to have a subdomain for their account likexxx.myaddress.com,yyy.myaddress.com these will point to the corresponding users . How can I implement the feature where user can enter their own ...
Ruby on Rails

Why Buy Multiple Versions of Your Domain Name? | EarthLink Blog
Losing web traffic is a big issue for business websites if they don't prevent confusion by registering multiple versions of their domain name or URL.

Internet domain name - Yahoo! Finance
From Yahoo! Finance: Full content sent to and hosted by Yahoo!General NewsHealth & MedicineIndustry SnapshotNew Issue AmericaReal EstateTop ...

Domain Name Issues- Google
Domain Name Issues, jay-you-ess, 12/5/12 1:18 PM, Hi. About two or three days ago, I stopped receiving all messages at just...@itlshippingusa.com. All senders ...

Custom domain name - Google Product Forums
Custom domain name. Next post. I am trying to buy a customer domain name and it says "We have found an existing order for this domain name" which I believe ...

Trademark Clearinghouse "Strawman Solution" | ICANN
The Trademark Clearinghouse facilitates the protection of trademark rights during the initial allocation and registration periods for domain names in new generic ...

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05 December 2012

Domain strategy - eBay DealMint

Good domain strategy: eBay DealMint
Domain Name Wire
DealMint I'm a bit confused about eBay's new DealMint service, but I give the company props for locking in the necessary domain names. eBay switched the DNS on DealMint.com and eBayDealmint.com to its new daily deals offering sometime in the past 4-5 ...

New domain name registrations hint at Valve's movie plans
Digital Trends
Valve, video games' most scrutinized independent company, registered a number of new domainnames on the web in August, offering up a glimpse into the company's future. There aren't any nods to desired sequels like Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, or the ...

Chick-fil-A Loses Effort to Shut Down Parody Website, Internet Law Firm Lewis ...
Chick-fil-A's parent company, CFA Properties, Inc., had filed a complaint in September against the owners of the website ChickfilaFoundation.com, claiming that the website's domain name was confusingly similar to the Chick-fil-A trademark, and was ...

TransIP.eu Partners with Google to Make Domain Verification Easy and Automated
International Business Times (press release)
Setting up a domain name to work with Google Apps has become much easier, as domainregistrar TransIP.eu offers automated setup and configuration for Google Apps. TransIP.eu has a rich history of empowering its customers, that reflects through all its ...

UDRP decision provides example of legitimate interest for distributors or ...
World Trademark Review (subscription)
In a recent domain name dispute under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), a manufacturer of women's undergarments, Lise Charmel Industrie, was denied the transfer of the domain name 'lisecharmel.org' for failing to prove the ...

dns - Why domain name is reachable withoud A record - Super User
By the berserker
Why domain name is reachable withoud A record ... name servers owned also by the hosting provider. The domain name / website is reachable without a problem. ... IIRC - an A record is required for yourname.tld. One thing that you may be ...
Recent Questions - Super User

choose domain name later | Forums | Groups | Go Daddy Support
Hi, i'm just setting up my new website but I'm not too pleased at having to choose a domain name straight away, I'm not entirely sure whats going.

Internet domain name - Investors.com
Internet domain name registrar VeriSign (VRSN) dived 13.2% to 34.15, a '12 low, on a new 6-year deal with the Commerce Dept.

Costum domain name not working - Google Product Forums
I bought a custom domain name for my blog and and still cannot reroute the blog to the newdomain. I bought the domain name through the blogger interface.

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Why Facebook Can Never Replace Your Own Domain

I've run across business people who actually believe that a Facebook page is sufficient as their only web presence! Here's another reason (out of many) why a Facebook page can never be a replacement for your own domain:

Why Facebook Can't Be The Center Of Your Social Strategy - Forbes: "The customer conversations that happen across the social Web are filled with user generated content that can boost search results, but only if they happen on our own domain. . . . The most cutting-edge B2B and B2C brands are placing bets on on-domain, owned, social media hubs where they can control the brand, guide the experience, and drive real business outcomes. . ."

Microsoft Files Complaint Over XboxFitness Domain Name
Spotted by Fusible, Microsoft apparently made similar moves earlier in the year in order to gain control of the domain name XboxMusic.com before it launched that particular service. According to the site Microsoft filed for European Community trademark ...

South America, Amazon square off in fight over control of .amazon domain name
New York Daily News
Powered by Inform. South America is squaring off with online retailer Amazon in a battle over the coveted top-level web domain name the firm shares with the continent's tropical rain forest. Brazil and Peru are formally opposing the e-commerce giant's ...

New York Daily News

Moniker & SnapNames and the Dot TK Registry Announce Premium Registry ...
MarketWatch (press release)
AMSTERDAM, Dec 04, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Moniker(R) and SnapNames(R), both KeyDrive S. A. companies and leading providers of domain name solutions, announced today a new premium auction featuring Dot TK registry owned domains. ... "This is an ...

Thoughts on Web Hosting: The Importance of Domain Names - SYS-CON Media ...
Bayoubuzz (subscription)
The truth is, 1 & 1 is right – owning your domain name is vitally important for your business, both online and off. But why is this? What is so important about owing your domain name? If you're a business utilizing a web hosting service, why is your “www.

Domaining MBA Monday: 3 Ways To Avoid Buying Junk Domains ...
By Morgan
I do see your point, knowing the subject matter is of great importance, not getting carried away and buying the entire domain space surrounding the keyword is the best advice. ... But what metrics you use to see if a name is valuable? Here're ...
Morgan LintonMorgan Linton |...

Did Another Domain Parking Company Just Buy Internet-Traffic.com ...
By Michael Berkens
I just noticed an interesting domain name cross the Sedo.com sales wire today. The domain name is Internet-Traffic.com which is identical to Frank Schilling's monetization company, InternetTraffic.com with the addition of a hyphen.
TheDomains.com - Domain Blog

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04 December 2012

Square Enix registers domain names for 'All the Bravest'

Square Enix registers domain names for 'All the Bravest'
Pocket Gamer
Following its Japanese release this fall, Square Enix succinctly announced that it had "no plans" to localize the game for Europe or North America, yet recent domain name registrations and a trademark filing may indicate that the company is changing ...

Parody Site ChickFilaFoundation.com Wins UDRP Challenge By Chick-fil-A
A one person UDRP panel just rejected the complaint of the national fast food company Chick-fil-A, on the domain name chickfilafoundation.com. Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, two Brooklyn-based comedians and social commentators, owned the domain ...

easyDNS Releases “Hot Swappable Proactive Nameservers” Guaranteeing 100 ...
easyDNS Technologies Inc. announced today “Hot Swappable Nameservers” under the solution they call Proactive Nameservers, “the world's first name server delegation optimization platform which actively responds to conditions affecting your domain's ...

Marc Randazza wins UDRP against woman he sued last week - Domain Name ...
Bayoubuzz (subscription)
Randazza alleges that Cox registered the domain names and then tried to extort him, going so far as to offer search engine reputation management services to clean up his name in search results. Prior to the lawsuit, on July 27, Randazza filed a UDRP ...

ICANN's gTLD Expansion Heralds a New Era in TLD Information & Services
PR Urgent (press release)
With the introduction of ICANN's first round of new gTLDs this year, your TLD strategy just got that bit more complicated; the Coalition for Responsible Internet Domain Oversight has condemned "its deeply flawed justification, excessive cost and harm ...

Handy malicious domain registering service available to cybercriminals
Help Net Security
Webroot's researcher Dancho Danchev is known for keeping a tab on such tools and services being offered on underground forums, and his latest discovery involves a malicious domain name registering/managing service. As a rule, cyber crooks attempting ...

Help Net Security

How to Use Your Self-Directed IRA to Invest in Websites and Domains to Obtain ...
NuWire Investor
In domain investing, raw domains—much like raw land—represent “potential” and their worth is either judged by exact match search volume, length of the domain, .TLDstatus, or ability to brand. Raw domains represent the best method for a quick return ...

NuWire Investor

17 Ways to Get De-indexed by Google
Search Engine Journal
Imagine this: In a blink of an eye your website vanishes from Google. Trying every variation of your domain name in the search box — but nothing. You, my friend, have been de-indexed from Google. De-indexed by Google. That's a tragic place to be in.

Search Engine Journal

.PW Announces the Launch of Its Sunrise Phase
The .pw TLD has been opened globally to create a dedicated namespace for professionals and businesses to set up an online presence, with a first choice domain at a very affordable price point. .pw is powered by domain name veterans with industry ...

News: Jay-Z Gets Edge On His Brooklyn Team, Owner W/ Nets Website
Whoever is behind Nets.com will not stop until Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov goes out and purchases their domain name. Back in October, we thought that Mark Cuban took control of the site just to take shots at Prokhorov but those rumors turned...


Andy Lenthall – Accent Media Ltd
Event Industry News
Earlier this year The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), responsible for controlling and issuing the domain names, allowed companies to apply for new suffixes that relate to their name or line of business, for example .pepsi ...

Event Industry News

Leading Integrated Brand Agency Digitas confirmed to speak at Digital ...
“Fremont joins a faculty of TLD applicants, advisors, brands, agencies as well as the domain and registry community who will set the stage for two days of learning and networking just as ICANN's new TLD program goes live.” The congress is supported by ...

Domain Name for 'Nets.com' Redirected Once Again | SNY Nets
By John Paolantonio
Whoever is behind Nets.com will not stop until Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov goes out and purchases their domain name. Back in October, we thought that Mark Cuban took control of the site just to take shots at Prokhorov but those ...
SNY Nets

Chick-fil-A Parody Domain Name Decision
By admin
ADMINISTRATIVE PANEL DECISION. CFA Properties, Inc. v. Domains By Proxy, LLC and John Selvig. Case No. D2012-1618. 1. The Parties. Complainant is CFA Properties, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America, ...
Lewis & Lin LLC : Internet Law Counsel

Custom domain name - Google
Custom domain name, adela cechova, 12/3/12 7:54 AM, I am trying to buy a customer domain name and it says "We have found an existing order for this domain ...

domain name forwarding - Discussions - Site Help - Etsy Teams
First Name Your name will be publicly displayed on Etsy. These fields are optional. Last Name. Female Male Rather not ... Site Help domain name forwarding ...

Blizzard registers a domain name for something called Project ...
Since the registry became public, there's been some speculation as to what “ Blackstone” could be. For instance, some feel it's linked to Blizzard's much-hinted at ...

WordPress › Support » adding a domain name.
Bought domain name from hostgator. Followed a tutorial, pressing all the right buttons etc. The link between hostgator and wordpress acceptance was 3 hours ...

TM domain name
Hi guys, I have wanted to write this in TM section but I am just ordinary platinum guy so it won't let me in. Well I have domain since 2007 and I had.

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03 December 2012

Be Vigilant in Protecting Domain Names

Business Owners Need to be Vigilant in Protecting Their Domain Names - Press Release - Digital Journal: " . . . Disputes can arise when one business registers a particular domain name and another business subsequently attempts to obtain a trademark in the same words. Obviously, the company owning the domain name would like to object to the trademark application of the second company and protect its "rights" in the domain name. However, the first company can only protect the domain name, and stop the second company from registering the trademark, if it can show it has priority in the mark - meaning it "used" the mark first. . . . but other circuits and Patent and Trademark Office decisions have concluded that simply registering a domain does not create trademark rights. In fact, an often cited Ninth Circuit decision - Brookfield Communications v. West Coast Entertainment- has expressly stated that registration of a domain name does not by itself constitute "use" for the purpose of establishing trademark priority, even if the company intends to eventually use the domain commercially. This particular proposition was also recently recognized in an Arizona federal case in which a company had registered a domain name but still hadn't created a website - the domain name was simply used as a "splash page" filled with third-party advertisements. . . ."
Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/955998#ixzz2DqfFuhA1

ReadWrite – What Verisign's New Contract With ICANN Means For ...
By Christina Ortiz
Verisign, the operator for .com domain registry, has renewed its six-year contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names (ICANN) with the U.S. Commerce Department's blessing. Under the terms of the new contract, Verisign is not ...

DomainIncite - Domain Name News & Opinion: "Here’s my initial take on the winners and losers of this new arrangement. Domain investors Volume .com registrants are of course the big winners here. A couple of dollars a year for a single .com is pretty insignificant, but when you own tens or hundreds of thousands of names… Mike Berkens of Most Wanted Domains calculated that he’s saved $170,000 $400,000 over the lifetime of the new .com deal, . . . The other big constituency of volume registrants are the brand owners who spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year maintaining defensive registrations — mostly in .com — that they don’t need. Microsoft, for example, owns over 91,000 domain names, according to DomainTools. I’d hazard a guess that most of those are defensive and that most are in .com. . . ."

VeriSign falls after new .com registry deal
Shares of VeriSign, the operator of the .com domain name registry for the World Wide Web, fell as much as 14% on Friday morning after its ability to raise prices was limited as part of its deal with the U.S. government to keep operating the registry ...

Blizzard nabs Project Blackstone domain name
It's time for a round of the Internet's favourite game, Ill-informed Speculation! Today's contestants have quite a puzzle before them: Blizzard, the World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo publisher known to be working on a new top-secret MMO project ...


Blizzard registers “Project Blackstone” domain
PC Gamer Magazine
Blizzard Entertainment has registered the domain name ProjectBlackstone.com, effective November 26. It's fairly common to hear about this sort of thing with Blizzard. Going all the way back to World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade expansion, we've been...

PC Gamer Magazine

Blizzard Registers Mysterious Domain Name - Escapist Magazine
Bayoubuzz (subscription)
Does Titan have a new name, or is Blizzard working on yet another unannounced project? In an industry where projects are worked on for months or even years before we hear anything about them, internet domain registrations are sometimes our first hint ...

Web domain seizures warrant due process
San Francisco Chronicle
But while it's hard to feel much sympathy for counterfeiters, the U.S. government is going to have to find a smarter and more precise way of targeting them besides domain name seizures. Though Congress passed legislation in 2008 that gave law ...

Business financing is offered
Detroit Free Press
Under the current contract, VeriSign was guaranteed four price increases of up to 7% each on domain name registrations. VeriSign sought a similar guarantee as part of the contract renewal, but the Commerce Department rejected it. The new contract ...

Blizzard Registers 'Project Blackstone' Domain Name
Just a few days ago, Blizzard registered the ProjectBlackstone.com domain name. According to Fusible, the previous holder was a Texan man who let the domain name expire in 2011, allowing Blizzard to swoop in and snatch it up.The WHOIS ...
News Tom's Hardware

How To Find A Great Startup Domain Name | TechWench.com
By GuestAcct
You are going to need to use the following steps in finding a great start-up domain name when there are a lot of web domains for sale. The first step is to.

Verisign can't regularly boost .com registration prices - Nov. 30, 2012: "The company renewed its contract with the U.S. Commerce Department on Friday, but under the terms of the new deal, Verisign will not be able to continue its practice of frequently raising prices by as much as 7% -- something Verisign did in four out of the six years covered by its last deal. Currently, registration prices sit at $7.85 per year. The Commerce Department will need to approve any price hikes on .com registration through 2018, which it only plans to do for "extraordinary expenses related to security or stability threats." Shares of Verisign (VRSN) fell by 15% on the news. Verisign has been operating the .com and .net top-level domain registries since 2000 under an agreement with the Domain Name System overseer, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. But Verisign's contract renewal was strongly opposed by the Internet Commerce Association, which represents website owners. ICA claimed that Verisign's price hikes were arbitrary and not done out of economic necessity. The group pointed out that Verisign charges just $5.86 for the far less-used .net domain name, even though both domains use the same infrastructure and have similar operational costs."

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