27 January 2014

Global Internet Governance, Multistakeholderism, Multilateralism, Will ICANN be replaced?

Internet Society,"Institutionalization of Global Internet Governance, Multistakeholderism, Multilateralism and Beyond," Internet Governance, the multilateral model, ITU, WTO, WIPO . . .  

Will ICANN even be around in 2-3 years?

Giving away the ICANN might please a few; the Swiss, the Brazilians, and the usual faithful digital US allies such as the Swedish and British, but what about the Germans, the French and other Europeans, not to mention the Africans and Asians? (source infra)

Sacrificing the ICANN Will Not Be Enough for the US to Restore Its Internet Ethics | Jean-Christophe Nothias: " . . . By the way, what are the media telling us on this huge battle and challenge? They might buy the 'internationalization' of the ICANN as a good step forward (!?). Many among foreign governments might not go for it. The first Internet political war is going to last until we get a fair and open debate."

Indeed, some even in the US are starting to call for ICANN's replacement and successor!

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