29 January 2016

Trademarks, Websites, Metatags

Trademarks, Websites, Metatags

source: Trademarks and Metatags: an update | Field Law - JDSupra

28 January 2016

The Draft of the Know-How Directive

Know-How Directive, Intellectual Property, trade secrets,

source: Good Things Need Time? The Draft of the Know-How Directive is progressing | Reed Smith - JDSupra

15 January 2016

Can Your Company's Website Lead To A Lawsuit?

re: business, public accommodation, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), services, physical locations, accessible, disabilities, Places of public accommodation, website, not all business websites need to comply with Title III rules,  website must have a nexus to a physical brick-and-mortar site, public accommodation, retail store’s website, nexus, physical site, accessible website, website designers, WCAG 2.0 standards,

source: Can Your Company's Website Lead To A Lawsuit? | Fisher & Phillips LLP - JDSupra

11 January 2016

What China's Anti-Terrorism Law Means For ISPs and Domain Names

The State Council of China has published the Anti-Terrorism Law of the People's Republic of China, to combat the threat of terrorism. Service providers of various industries (including telecommunication and Internet service providers or ISPs) must comply--e.g., verify the true identity of the users/customers before they can provide any services to such users/customers, provide assistance and technological support (including technological interface and decryption) to the public security bureaus and national security authorities for the purpose of preventing and investigating terrorism activities, take security measures and adopt monitoring mechanisms to identify terrorism and extremism information. Presumably these provisions may also apply to domain name registry operators and registrars.

Source: China’s Anti-Terrorism Law – what it means for telecommunications and Internet service providers | DLA Piper - JDSupra:

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10 January 2016

Planning for an Urban World (video)

Planning for an Urban World - Researchers and urban planners are turning New York City into a proving ground for Big Data and the interactive technologies that one day might make a planet of cities sustainable and livable. (The Wall Street Journal - Published on Dec 11, 2015)

03 January 2016

The Invisible Networks Powering New York City (360 Video)

The Invisible Networks Powering New York City (360 Video) - To run smoothly, tomorrow's cities will rely on millions of networked sensors to monitor everything from trash collection to water quality. Take a virtual reality tour of where sensors are already in place in New York City. (The Wall Street Journal - Published on Dec 11, 2015)

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