27 October 2013

US Control of the Internet Soon Gone Thanks to NSA

ICANN, good or bad, at least had some moderating oversight via US Department of Commerce, and the US internationally has been a steady proponent of internet freedom (vs the censorship of China and other less enlightened nations), but that will most likely change soon thanks to the NSA actions --

What Does It Mean for the U.S. to 'Lose Control of the Internet?' - Robinson Meyer - The Atlantic: " . . . The leaders of 10 organizations signed the statement in Montevideo, Uruguay. They include ICANN, the standards-making IETF and W3C, the Internet Society, and the five regional registries. But of those 10 organizations, the U.S. has oversight powers over only one: ICANN. So if the Uruguay statement concerns the United States, then it really concerns the functioning of ICANN. And three bullet points in the statement imply ICANN. Here’s the main one: [The signatories] called for accelerating the globalization of ICANN and IANA functions, towards an environment in which all stakeholders, including all governments, participate on an equal footing. . . ."

Bottom line: Balkanization, Chaos, and Censorship will be continuing threats to the internet.

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