15 October 2013

Frank Schilling says Dot Com Will Become Like AM Radio?

Last time I checked, there were 2 commercial radio bands -- AM and FM. Is Frank saying Dot Coms, 20 years from now, will continue with about 50% of internet traffic (and probably the most LUCRATIVE traffic) and the other 10,000 gTLDs will split the other 50% of internet traffic -- twenty years from now? In any event, who buys a domain name based on a hope and prayer of something having value in twenty years? Particularly when the track record of the other gTLDs--dot mobi et al is so pitiful!

Frank Schilling Live From London: “.Com Will Become Like AM Radio” | TheDomains.com: "The Digital Marketing & gTLS Strategy Congress conference kicked off today with Frank Schilling of Unregistry, laying out how he see the future of the domain name space and its the new gTLD program. Mr. Schilling was being interviewed on stage by Kevin Murphy of Domainincite.com As always Mr. Schilling had some interesting observations and bold predictions: Big brands placed their internet presence on .com as it meant commerce smaller brands and companies followed them into .com . . . ."

Dot Coms will continue to dominate the percentage of internet traffic for the foreseeable future. However, Schilling is right that registrars will make a lot of money selling next to worthless names with the new gTLDs, and of course fortunes will be spent trying to protect trademarks (ICANN's new gTLDS are a lawyer full-employment scheme), and further billions (US dollars) sucked out of the economy to fraudsters and scammers utilizing new gTLDs -- all as ICANN was warned, or maybe this is what they intended?

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