08 October 2013

ICANN's ill-conceived new gTLDs now a failure in execution

What a mess ICANN has made in their rush for the unnecessary expansion of  gTLDs (generic top level domains). After disregarding and ignoring complaints, protests, warnings, and wise advice, ICANN plunged ahead and now it is even getting worse -- nothing less that a slow motion train wreck -- read more:

Radix, TLDH & Westerdal Asks ICANN To Suspend All Pending Expert Panels In New gTLD Process | TheDomains.com

Congress should hold hearings on ICANN and its new gTLDs program which is designed to maximize profits for ICANN and its contractors, as well as fraudsters, scammers, lawyers, and others, and consider reforming the entire management of the Domain Name system -- but, please, don't give it to the ITU or any other UN bureaucacy!

And remember, ICANN brought this on itself -- it was warned, even by its founding chairman --

What's in a domain name? – Global Public Square - CNN.com Blogs: " . . . Most of the people active in setting ICANN’s policies are involved somehow in the domain-name business, and they would be in control of the new TLDs as well. It’s worth it to them to spend their time at ICANN meetings (or to send staffers), whereas domain names are just a small part of customers’ and user’ lives. And that means that the new TLDs are likely to create money for ICANN’s primary constituents, but only add costs and confusion for companies and the public at large. . . ." -- ICANN’s founding chairman Esther Dyson

But did ICANN listen? No, ICANN is arrogant, ignorant, and incompetent, and Congress needs to do something about it!

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