17 October 2013

A Dot Com Web Address, A Business Must Do

Before you file anything public, get the Dot Com! --

Julie South; Why A Website Is Still Key For Businesses... | Stuff.co.nz: "It's easy in today's online world of 'social' for business owners to think they only need to be on Facebook as having a website is so last century. After all, why pay for a website when social is free? Sadly, many business owners fail to appreciate that having a dedicated and transferable website is far more important to their future survival than any free social media platform is ever going to be. Let's take that last sentence apart bit by bit: Dedicated - this means the domain name is that of your business. Not your business's name hanging off the end of a third-party address. . . . Having your own domain name is important. . . ." (read more at link above)

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