01 May 2013

Internet Domain Name Pioneer Mike Mann Interview

Internet Domain Name Pioneer Mike Mann Talks About Secretive Field - Investors.com: " . . . tons of names on the auction block that I can buy, but the vast majority have no value. People put names (up for sale) on the auction block or try to monetize them with traffic, but with the vast majority, that does not happen; they are not monetized. IBD: You also offer people jobs to run a business using domain names you own. What's that about? Mann: It's an evolving business model. For example, we own Cashless.com. You take an ownership position and become the president and make a business out of this. I wrote a business plan for it, I'll finance it and my HR department and other people on my staff are involved with it. We provide a tremendous amount of detailed support and we have these best practices with a lot of information. I'm trying to inspire new businesses by selling these domains. We have the greatest best practices that we are leveraging across our companies and charities. Along with my book, it's all about promoting new entrepreneurship. . . ." Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/technology-tech-exec-qanda/040113-649918-interview-with-domain-name-pioneer-mike-mann.htm#ixzz2PMzVC39b

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