28 May 2013

Branding - Why dot-coms are (and will continue to be) preferred

Why Branding Commodities Matters to Your Ecommerce Website | Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog"I asked Brad about his thoughts on Overstock’s domain rebranding, from Overstock.com to O.co – a $350,000 strategy intended to distance the pure-play from just overstocked items but failed to resonate with customers. Brad advises against veering from the very obvious (conventional .com and country-level TLDs) to unconventional extensions like .co, .net and .info (sorry ICANN). Web users simply think in terms of dot-coms, it’s very difficult to establish domain recognition with any other extension."

5 ways brands should be using gTLDs - iMediaConnection.com: "More than 70 percent of the entire internet domain name system we use every day is currently hosted in the .com space, making it one of the most familiar generic top-level domains (gTLDs) for companies and consumer . . ."

Did Google Just Kill Off Selling SubDomains? | TheDomains.com"Launching soon is a change to this to show less from the same domain, even on subsequent pages, after you’ve already seen about four results from the same domain for that query.” It appears this is VERY bad news for those trying to sell or those who have bought subdomains. Chicago.com has been very active and successful in the sale of subdomains, CentralNic has sold a ton of third level domains and more domain owners like Criminallaw.com have hopped on the subdomain sale train. The sale of  subdomains are going to compete with the sale of New gTLD’s domains. Google applied for over 100 new gTLD domain names. I’m not saying the two are related but then again Google just increased the search value of new gTLD’s and devalued subdomains."

Art.SY Startup Now Artsy.net: "Interestingly, Artsy.com is a parked domain name that is listed for sale at DomainBrokers.com. I would assume the price of Artsy.com is now much higher than it would have been had the company acquired it when it was first launched. While a company’s domain name may not be as important as the product or service it offers, its success may make the most desirable domain name very expensive to acquire."

"URL theft by a partner or co-owner is perhaps the most common example of domain name theft. Domain names stolen in this fashion account for about 25% of the calls and emails we receive in the domain theft area." July 2013 marks the second anniversary of the first known criminal conviction of a domain thief in the United States, New Jersey resident Daniel Goncalves was sentenced in 2011 to five years in prison for stealing the domain name P2P.com from Internet entrepreneurs Marc Ostrofsky, Albert Angel and Lesli Angel and selling it on eBay.com for more than $110,000. . . ." Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1229630#ixzz2SeyyBSlZ

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