08 May 2013

ICANN trademark clearinghouse

ICANN's trademark clearinghouse| PCWorld: " . . . The trademark clearinghouse will include a so-called sunrise service that allows trademark holders to register their trademarks before a new TLD goes live.The clearinghouse will also include a trademark claims service, which will send warnings to people who try to register a website using a trademark owned by someone else. If that person still registers the website, ICANN will notify the trademark owner and the owner will have options for challenging the website registration. . . .

ICANN approves .shabaka top-level domain name | GulfNews.com: "“It is going to make it easier for users and index the data. It will simplify the process,” Abbas said. He said buying a website address is easy and not costly and many companies will opt for .shabaka. “.shabaka will be a game-changer for the Arabic community and It will open a channel to intuitively connect Arabic speakers to Arabic content and provide an end-to-end Arabic online experience,” Omer said. Brands will be able to apply for .shabaka domain names in the middle of this year. Now that *شبكة. * has passed ICANN’s evaluation process, she said, and added that there are only a few more policy, technical and regulatory steps to be completed before the namespace is opened live on the internet in mid 2013 for public registrations."

Thou shalt not steal? Christian college, alum battle over domain name | Fox News: ". . . . a Florida college’s lawsuit against a former student who has allegedly committed trademark infringement and cybersquatting for more than a decade after registering and maintaining a website critical of Pensacola Christian College. “Gage willfully infringed on PCC’s rights in the Pensacola Christian College mark by holding the domain name hostage, demanding that PCC pay him or a charity of his choice the sum of seventy-five thousand dollars in exchange for the transfer of the domain name,” according to the lawsuit filed on March 25 in the Florida Northern District Court.The website, pensacolachristiancollege.com, does provide a link to the official page of the 4,500-student college at pcci.edu, but continues to cause “irreparable injury” to the school, according to a lawsuit against graduate Peter Gage seeking $100,000 in damages. . . . " Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/02/florida-college-sues-graduate-for-100g-in-alleged-cybersquatting/?test=latestnews#ixzz2PMmMhqaT

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