20 May 2013

Facebook has the best domain name strategy

Whatever else you may say about Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, without a doubt Facebook has consistently had the best domain strategy of all Fortune 500 companies, as evidenced below:

1) the change in domain name from thefacebook.com to facebook.com early in its existence--the company dropped The from its name after purchasing the domain name facebook.com in 2005 for $200,000;

2) refusal to waste corporate assets on the new gTLDs program of ICANN--unlike Apple, Google, or Microsoft, Facebook refused to participate in the new gTLD program, knowing that dot com is and will continue to be king. Facebook has consistently shown focus and discipline in enhancing, and not diluting, its trademarked name and facebook.com domain name;

3) Vigilant protection of its trademark and domain name through legal action--here's one example--Facebook CyberSquatting Judgement: 105 Domains; 10 Domain Holders; $2.8 Million in Damages – Draft | TheDomains.com: "A federal court in California awarded Facebook $2.8 Million dollars under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) yesterday."

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