16 May 2013

Domain Name Valuations

Value is in the eye of the beholder--

Why I'm Not Going to Tell You How Much Your Domain Name is Worth: "There are many factors that contribute to the domain name’s selling price. Cost basis, need for liquidity, buyer’s interest, buyer’s funding, market conditions, keyword searches, and cost per click are just a few things that go into determining the value of a domain name. As you can see, the majority of those factors would be unknown to me, and it would be silly to think I can give a fair valuation, especially if that is being used to come up with an asking price. I am also not going to spend time doing research for someone else, when I have plenty of other things to do. . . . Some people get defensive, and by getting defensive, some people become offensive. Why would I want to become entangled in a long, fruitless discussion with absolutely nothing to gain? I don’t." read more at link above

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