21 May 2013

Domain Name Lesson learned

Your domain name is in global marketplace--

Legal matters - NSW start-up ditches Business Insider name following US legal stoush: " . . . Business Ink initially hauled down its URL businessinsider.net in order to emphasise its local, rather than international, focus, but has now gone further by completely rebranding. . . “We got early advice saying to just rename ourselves and that has proved good advice . . . Cleary adds that start-ups need to be increasingly careful when choosing a business name. “We talk about world shrinking, but it has already shrunk,” he says. “Your search for a name needs to be global and you need to avoid similar names, because it’s just too hard to compete when it comes to hard cash.” . . .“You’ve got to be unique. That’s the challenge. Google or Amazon don’t have names that relate to what they do, but they have a strong brand name. Choose a name that you can really own.” read more at link above

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