02 January 2013

Be Careful When Choosing Your Domain Name

Be Careful When Choosing Your Domain Name: "In some rare cases, you could influence the meaning of the word. Take for example Google, Twitter and Pinterest. Before these sites were created, these words did not even exist, but they have since become a common everyday word. Domain name is important for a website and it will give you an advantage when it comes to acquiring new readers and fans. However, it is just one of many factors that will make your website successful."

The Basics of Choosing a Domain Name for Your Website: "Your domain name is central to your identity on the Internet. Choosing a domain name is one of the most important steps you’ll take when building your online presence because your domain name impacts your brand image and people’s perceptions of your website and business. Don’t rush your domain name decision – take the time to choose a user-friendly domain that reflects positively on your brand. . . . for more go here"

What is the most valuable information in a domain name? » WhoAPI blog: "WhoAPI delivers extensive information about domain names. We want to deliver the most important, the most valuable information about domain name you can possibly imagine. Can you tell us what is, for your business, the most valuable information about domain name? Here are some suggestions. Uptime or as we like to call it – ping - Is the website currently up and running or not? More and more websites and companies rely on the cloud. . . . "

What Are You Doing With Your Best Domain? | Morgan Linton: " . . . I always make sure that my company focuses on our best domains, that’s where I’ve found the most opportunity is. Now it’s your turn, what are you doing with your best domain?"

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