07 January 2013

Domains and Wines

A Good Domain Name Is Like A Fine Wine | Morgan Linton: ". . . Now we are back in our cozy cabin and like the domain-addict that I am I can’t help but relate good domain names to fine wines. Maybe it’s that we’ve just spent the last two hours talking to the owners about wines, or maybe it’s just that I always have domains on my mind no matter what we are doing. Either way I thought I would share three different ways that I think good domain names are like fine wines . . ."

Adam Dicker’s 2013 Predictions | Elliot's Blog: "2) Many domainers will be looking for full time jobs because parking will continue to deteriorate to the point where you may not even be able to feed your dog let alone your family. 3) 2013 will be the year domainers drop 80% of their crap domains and upgrade their portfolios, quality over quantity will be the right target to aim for. It’s far better to own 10 fantastic domains than 10,000 pieces of crap. 4) Hopefully people learnt from .mobi, .tel .co and .xxx not to waste their money filling the pockets of the registrars while they are left with no traffic and no revenue from these pipe dreams.
5) The public will be completely confused with the launch of all the new TLD’s. They barely understand why they need a website now let’s explain to them that my new email address is adam@dogs.pets, most will still add the .com to that and go to adam@dogs.pets.com"

Paul Nicks and Rich Merdinger 2013 Predictions | Elliot's Blog: ".COM, .NET, .ORG and .INFO see a bump in aftermarket pricing as the original gTLDs are seen as a safe harbor in the impending sea of new gTLD confusion . . ."

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