28 January 2013

Dot Com Still King of TLDs

Dot Com Remains the King of TLDs | Siteopia Blog: "the TLD that still reigns supreme is the old favourite, .com. Reports from the third quarter of 2012 have shown that there are around 105 million domains registered in the .com TLD. The runners up are all of the ccTLDs (of which there are 280), which comes in at 104.9 million, followed by the .net extension at 14.9 million. Clearly, .com is the top dog of TLDs but the question remains as to how the new domain names will affect its popularity. As of December 2012, there have been 1917 gTLD applications according to ICANN, so the threat to the .com name has not been significant. However, this might change as popularity grows for the new domain names and businesses look to enhance their digital profile. Nevertheless, it seems that some big-name digital companies (including Facebook, Twitter and eBay) remain wary of the new domain names and have chosen not to apply. It has been predicted that .com will keep its spot at the top but the domain names beneath it will be split in more ways."

Is it illegal to speculate domain names? - News VietNamNet: "Is it illegal to speculate domain names? The story that Nguyen Trong Khoa, known as the domain name baron in Vietnam has offered to sell some domain names relating to Eurowindow company, has become a hot topic on local newspapers. . . . Hanh went on to say that Vietnamese enterprises have not paid appropriate attention to the domain name registration, and that they “lock the stable door after the horse has bolted.” Domain names are not the brands, but domain names play a very important identification role in the global Internet environment. Regarding the principle “first comes first served” which analysts believe is unreasonable, Hanh said that this is the international practice and Vietnam should not refuse to follow the rule. This explains why the domain names aodai.vn (ao dai is the Vietnamese traditional dress) and aodai.com.vn have belonged to a South Korean domain name investor."

No recession in UK domain industry: The top 12 UK domain name sales of 2012 | Latest press releases | PressGo | Journalism.co.uk: ""Savvy UK web address investors have been making some serious money in the last 12 months…" according to Jason Smith, Director of UK domain registration company Siteopia.com. "…The industry has seen a number of very high sales transactions which is very encouraging, despite external economic conditions remaining turbulent." "We took some time at the end of the year to interview domain name investor Frank Paul from 34.co.uk (who sold CheapCruises.co.uk), and it is clear that the market has remained buoyant over the last few years."

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