31 December 2012

Tips to Avoid Domain Name Scams

4 Tips to Avoid Domain Name Scams: ". . . shady domain name registrars, and illegitimate companies running domain name scams that you have to be VERY, VERY careful anytime you get something faxed, mailed, or e-mailed to you about renewing your domain name. Most of these solicitations don’t come from your existing registrar, and are designed to get you to register a domain name you don’t need (at a very high price), or to transfer your domain name out of your current registrar and over to their company, by making you think your domain is about to expire. HERE ARE A FEW THINGS YOU CAN DO TO AVOID THESE SCAMS: 1). Know who your host is, and who your registrar is. . . .the registrar is the company that you pay each year for your domain name or your address on the internet. Domain names generally cost about $10-15/year. Your host is the company that allows you to put your website files on the internet, and stores them for you. Very basic hosting is around $10-15/month, or $100/year. 2). Know when your domain name expires. . . .3). Always keep the administrative email on your domain name current. . . 4). When you get a notification about your domain name expiring, go to your registrar and login. If your domain name is truly expiring, you can renew it . . . ." read full article here

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