27 April 2014

The Only Significant Thing That Happened at NETmundial 2014

The NETmundial2014 final text (pdf) sidestepped all of the major issues of "internet governance," particularly the "IANA transition" as well as issues of internet surveillance, and is of little use--as the document itself states: "This is the non-binding outcome of a bottom-up, open, and participatory process ..." After all the bold talk of multistakeholderism, and an open and transparent process, the final text was the result of a process that was debated in secret, in a closed meeting where special interests and lobbyists prevailed, and pretty much watered-down and butchered the earlier drafts that had been discussed.

No, the only thing of significance to come out of NETmundial2014 was the Brazilian President signing into law the "Marco Civil"-- Brazilian president signs internet civil rights law • The Register: "In a theatrical flourish, Rousseff signed the "Marco Civil" at the podium before giving a speech at the opening ceremony of the NetMundial Internet Governance conference ... The bill protects privacy and freedom of expression online and enshrines net neutrality as [Brazilian] law. It is locally referred to as the "internet constitution". Five years in the making, the legislation recently gathered some political urgency after rogue sysadmin Edward Snowden's revelations of spying by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and particularly the monitoring of President Rousseff herself."

As for ICANN itself, flush with millions in cash from its money-making venture a/k/a the new gTLDs program, it financed a big junket and party in São Paulo, for its own staff and insiders.

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