16 April 2014

New gTLD Domain Names, Negative Impact on Trademarks

ICANN was warned, but proceeded anyway --

Web domain name revolution could hit trademark defence: UN - Yahoo News: "The mass expansion of Internet domain names could cause havoc for the defence of trademarks in cyberspace, the UN's intellectual property body warned . . . "We have this extraordinary expansion that is going on," said Francis Gurry, head of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which oversees global rules against cybersquatting. "That is going to have an impact, which is likely to be significant, on trademark protection. The exact nature of the impact, we aren't sure of at this stage, but it is likely to be significant and disruptive," Gurry told reporters. "Trademark owners are very concerned about the impact that this expansion will have on branding systems," he added...."

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