13 April 2014

Keyword Domains Have Lost SEO Relevance

SEO Ranking Factors - Rank Correlation 2013 for Google USA 2013: "In our study, these two factors are considered the losers when compared with last year, because the existence of keywords in the URL and/or the domain have lost their relevance. This also affects backlinks when it comes to plain text keyword links. So it looks as if the days of "hard keyword optimization" are over. Google now puts much more emphasis on natural link profiles. Hard keyword links have lost significant influence and can probably – when used excessively – even have a negative effect; for example, when Google updates its algorithm with features devaluing bad links...."

So what works? According to the study (at link above), good backlinks, social signals and good content. So if you are  just parking your domain, don't expect any traffic from Google (or any other) search engine, even if you have an exact match keyword domain name.

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