04 April 2014

The Internet is a Mess

1. Rampant UDRP abuse;
2. Inept ICANN internet governance;
3. NSA et al infiltration and abusive practices;
4. Declining internet freedom

Here's an indicator --
Eric Schmidt to dictators: 'You don’t turn off the internet: you infiltrate it' | Technology | theguardian.com: "Dictators are taking a new approach in their responses to use of the internet in popular uprisings, according to Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt. “What’s happened in the last year is the governments have figured out you don’t turn off the internet: you infiltrate it,” said Schmidt, speaking at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. “The new model for a dictator is to infiltrate and try to manipulate it. You’re seeing this in China, and in many other countries.”"

Too bad Turkey, home to one of  ICANN's 3 headquarters, didn't get the message!

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