11 April 2014

ICANN governance, GAC is not happy

Things got heated in Singapore --

Trademarks and new gTLDs: what did we learn at ICANN 49? - Blog - World Trademark Review"The GAC isn’t entirely happy - That the Government Advisory Committee’s (GAC) meeting with the ICANN board opened with a warning that a substantial Communiqué would follow shortly illustrated its frustration on a range of issues. After what sources portray as a heated session to finalise its Singapore Communiqué, the document was issued late on Thursday evening, with plans for a high-level meeting between the two bodies expanded on. The meeting, to be held in London in June, will focus on ICANN’s role and how to enhance the role of governments in the ICANN model. The Communiqué’s attached questions also make for interesting reading – the final asking ICANN for “more detailed information confirming that rules for auctions are consistent with its bylaws, its not-for profit status, the objectives of the new gTLD program and the applicant guidebook to promote competition, diversity, innovation and consumer choice?”. With questions tackling specific GAC concerns as well as focusing on aspects of ICANN governance, it seems that the GAC is keen on a more active role going forward."(read  more at link above)

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