17 April 2014

Internet Domain Names, Trademarks

IP, "Intellectual Property," includes trademarks --

IP Issues Related to Internet Domain Names: (from the World Intellectual Property Organization a/k/a WIPO)"When you choose your company's domain name, depending on where you register, you may pick a generic or common name, but if you pick a name that is distinctive, users may more easily be able to remember and search for it. Ideally, it could also be distinctive enough to be protected under trademark law, because domain names can be protected as trademarks in some countries. If you picked a very common domain name (e.g. "Good Software"), your company could have difficulty in building up any special reputation or good will in this name and more difficulty in preventing others from using your name in competition. You should pick a domain name that is not the trademark of another company, particularly a well-known trademark." (read more at link above)

Trademark related websites with Trademark search functions:

USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office)


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