14 March 2014

ICANN, Internet Governance, Highly Unstable Environment

"ICANN is a policy disaster that will likely result in its demise...To the extent that the Montevideo framework might be regarded by some as "turning one's back" on U.S. governance at present, such should not be construed to mean eliminating common sense in favor of laissez faire. The first and perhaps obligatory step is for government in the U.S. to get rid of ICANN and do it soon before its policies split the internet into political fragments." (source, infra)

Rewiring Internet Governance: Summing up ICANN Policy Walking Backward Into the Future (Part 4): "... In ICANN's case, what government has achieved through neglect, or at best benign supervision, is a policy vacuum that was quickly noted and acted upon ICANN and its benefactors. The ICANN version of internet policy is a legal curiosity where almost anything goes, money talks, and where ICANN deliberately ignores, subordinates and brushes off those who actually provide its mother's milk, meaning revenues from what amounts to TLD licensees and their registrar businesses that sell domain names..."

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