19 March 2014

Dysfunctional ICANN, Internet Governance

Rewiring Internet Governance: U.S. Government Will Likely Be Forced to Jettison ICANN (Part 3): "... In Part 2 the argument exposed ICANN's trajectory which also reflects economic fabulism. As critics have feared, internet governance has become a smoke screen that reminds one of what McChesney (2013) refers to as "the great conflict between openness and a closed system of corporate profitability, the forces of capital have triumphed whenever an issue matter to them. The Internet has been subjected to the capital-accumulation process, which has a clear logic of its own, inimical to much of the democratic potential of digital communication." The "great conflict" incorporates ICANN's provincialism and thus its defensive posture. For all its imagined power ICANN governance amounts to weasel worded rhetoric coupled with never ending discussions, expensive conferences, and meetings whether required or not, nearly everywhere in the world, all of which in the end game dwindle to kowtowing to big money interests. Those "emerging pressures on multistakeholder governance" lamented by ICANN's board are real. The board created them...." (read more at link above)

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