15 December 2013

Expired Domain Name Rules

ICANN: "When a domain name expires, it enters the Auto-Renew Grace Period (for zero to 45 days). Registrars may delete domain names from their databases during this period (according to their deletion and auto-renewal policies). Before a registrar deletes an expired domain name, it must also interrupt the domain name's resolution path. This means that all the services associated with the domain (such as email addresses and websites) will stop working. This can alert you that a domain name has expired and must be renewed. Once you renew your domain name, the registrar must make the domain name work again (as soon as commercially reasonable). If you have a dispute with your registrar regarding payment of renewal fees, please visit ICANN's About Renewal Fee Paid But Domain Not Renewed page. If you successfully paid to renew your domain name and it still does not work, please submit a Domain Renewal Complaint Form." (read more at links above)

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