22 July 2013

Why Would Any (legitimate) Business Avoid An Internet Presence?

Why Would a Business Avoid any Internet Presence? - Business Insider: " . . . . There should be no doubt that an Internet presence is as basic to success in business today, as brick and mortar was a hundred years ago. Yet I am amazed to see US Census Bureau data from 2012 that at least 50%, maybe up to 75%, of small businesses still have no presence at all. These are soon to be the walking dead, and the competitors you can beat today. In fact, you need to have at least a prototype web site published several weeks before you expect anyone to find yours, since it takes that amount of time for the web search engine “spiders” to find you and index your content. I still remember my disappointment the first time I published my website, did an immediate Google search on the name, and it said my company didn’t exist. . . ."

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