02 July 2013

Moscow court upholds decision to protect Mexx trademark domain

Mexx was established in the Netherlands in 1986 by Indian-born businessman Rattan Chadha. The company is a leading fashion industry producer, manufacturing garments, accessories, perfumes and a range of household items. In 2012, the company operated 95 mono-brand stores in Russia and planned to open another 15. (source infra)

Mexx owned the dot com http://www.mexx.com but the dot ru was bought by another party--hence Mexx filed an action in the Russian courts--

Moscow court upholds decision to protect Mexx trademark domain | Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).: "Russia's Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court's decision to prohibit the use by a Russian businessman of the mexx.ru domain name, finding that such was an infringement of Mexx Europe BV's trademark rights, a court spokesperson told RAPSI Wedensday. Businessman Vladislav Mukhin appealed the Moscow Commercial Court's earlier decision, which had also ordered that he pay the company 150,000 rubles ($4,870) in damages. An attorney for Mexx said during the previous hearing that the company has legitimate ownership of the disputed brand. . . ."

Question: if a dot com is already registered by any entity claiming a trademark in the name--of what use is owning the same name with a different domain extension?

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