22 March 2013

Tips To Picking Your Domain Name

8 Tips To Picking Your Domain Name | SiteDart Hosting
Picking your domain name is very important, follow these tips to help pick your own domainname. . . .read more here - sitedart.net/name.../8-tips-to-picking-your-domain-name.php

New expired domain rules go into effect in August - Domain Name Wire: "The new “Expired Registration Recovery Policy” (ERRP) goes into effect August 31. This policy sets guidelines for how registrars treat expired domain names and how they must notify customers that their domains are expiring. Most notably, the rules will require expiration notices be sent at particular intervals and mandate that DNS resolution be interrupted after expiration. Domain registrars will be required to send an expiration notice about one month before expiration and another one a week before expiration. A notice is also generally required five days after expiration. Registrars must also interrupt the DNS of an expired domain for a specific timeframe. This is common practice today — a registrar will change the nameservers to point to a parked page with a notice about how to renew the domain. This disruption quickly gets the attention of the registrant if they didn’t know their domain was expiring. . . ."

Nominet halts '.uk' domain proposal after doubts raised over benefits ( - Internet - Security ): "UK Internet registry Nominet has temporarily halted plans to create a shorter '.uk' domain name as an alternative to the current '.co.uk' in the face of disagreement about the benefits and cost. Nominet's press release on the matter sidesteps most of this, saying only that "there was not a consensus of support for the direct.uk proposals as presented." Under the plan, organisations would pay a higher fee in return for being able to register domains using the second-level 'xyz.uk' rather than the current third-level 'xyz.co.uk'. . . ."

Interesting analysis on selling premium domain names
Domain Name Wire
TaskTime is a good domain name, but is it really worth $15,000 more than a domain name like TaskStyle? If you're only comparing premium domain names it's easier to convince yourself that an expensive domain name is worth it. But when you have a choice ...

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