13 March 2013

Microsoft acquires 'Xbox Gold' domain names

Microsoft acquires 'Xbox Gold' domain names | GameZone: "The list of possible next-gen Xbox names might have grown with the discovery that Microsoft has acquired domain names relating to "Xbox Gold." The lengthy list of names already includes Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, Xbox 8, and Xbox Durango, though the latter is a rumored code name. So really, what's one more speculative name thrown into the hat? According to Fusible, Microsoft has been taking the necessary steps to acquire the domains related to Xbox Gold. They've filed complaints with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain XboxGold.org and Xbox-Gold.com. While those cases are still pending, Microsoft this week successfully acquired XboxGold.com from its previous owner. It doesn't stop there, though. Over the past few weeks Microsoft has purchased other Xbox Gold names like XboxGold.cn, XboxGold.es, XboxGold.eu,XboxGold.in, XboxGold.com.au, and XboxGold.asia. It's worth noting that of all of the rumored names -- Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, Xbox 8, and Xbox Durango -- Microsoft doesn't own the domains related to any of them. In fact, the only registered one, other than the recent XboxGold.com acquisition, is XboxNext.com which redirects visitors to Bing. . . ."

Filing Objections to Applications for the Registration of New gTLDs | BakerHostetler - JDSupra: "Parties who wish to formally object to an application have until March 13, 2013, to do so. Objections will be reviewed and determined by one of three dispute resolution services. Successful objections will result in the application being denied. ICANN has provided four grounds on which a party may object to an application . . . ."

Internet domain scam targeting small business owners | kgw.com Portland: "Con artists often confuse small business owners by sending threatening notices at the exact time their website domain names need renewing. "A lot of registrations are on line. It's public info so anyone can find out when a website was registered and when its going to be up for renewal," said Kyle Kavas with the BBB. In the end, J.R's past experience with a devastating investment scam gave him the red flag he needed to save him this time. "I got scammed about five years ago and lost about $50,000. It was the exact same thing, you need to pay this today," said Quam. Quam was not about to fall for another scheme. So we called the company to get their side of the story. After asking several questions, the company hung up on us. The Internet is loaded with complaints against this company, which has a New York address. "

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