16 March 2013

Chicagoan giving popefrancis.com to Church

Chicagoan's popefrancis.com domain name suddenly valuable
Chicago Tribune
When Connors bought the domain name three years ago, for "just a couple bucks" a year through the domain name registrar site GoDaddy.com, he didn't have a plan for it. He bought it as a sort of bet with himself: He secretly hoped that George would ...

Internet domain name watchdog ICANN to launch a huge regional hub in Turkey
Hurriyet Daily News
Yıldırım said the Internet domain name watchdog had decided to split its headquarters into three regional administration centers. "There was serious competition [to host one of these centers], and ICANN took the decision to spread its activities ...

Hurriyet Daily News

23 more end user domain sales last week - Domain Name Wire
Bayoubuzz (subscription)
Collaborative Consulting bought CDSC.com for $3,750. I believe that stands for Collaborative Domestic Solution Center. This company owns the great domain Collaborative.com. Workforce services company Nextaff bought EmploymentEdge.com for $2,488 ...

NCC bullish over battle with Amazon
Manchester Evening News
Manchester-based NCC has paid an initial $185,000 to apply for the .secure domain name, which it says will give consumers confidence that a site is safe, and the total investment in winning the domain is expected to be up to £10m. But it is up against ...

Manchester Evening News

Symbolics.com Turns 28 Years Old Today!
By admin
Today isn't about me, the 2nd owner of this unique piece of Internet history, it's about the Symbolics Computer Company who had the foresight to be the first entity on the planet to register a domain name. The Symbolics Computer Company ...

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