26 December 2012

DNS Industry CEO Roundtable Events

DNS Industry CEO Roundtable Events: "To the ICANN Community, I believe The Domain Name System — and the Industry that has grown up around it — are at an inflection point. With the impending introduction of new gTLDs and the vertical integration of the DNS value chain, we, as leaders within the DNS ecosystem, must be ready to meet the challenges ahead. I am writing to tell you about my plans to meet with leaders of this marketplace to exchange ideas and information about the forthcoming challenges that this sector is likely to face. Sharing this information will help me gain a better understanding of what to expect, and how best to lead ICANN in partnering effectively with all stakeholders as this sector grows and matures.
To achieve this, I am organizing a series of CEO Roundtables throughout 2013 to engage directly with leaders of the DNS industry. Our talks will focus on macro trends affecting the DNS sector, the impact of new gTLDs, and the need to evolve the frameworks that govern relationships among DNS industry participants. The first roundtable is to be held in mid January with registrars. . . . "

What's the fuss about a new UK domain? Don't miss out on your say | Media Network | guardian.co.uk: " . . . . The internet is an unregulated environment built on trust and guided by the principles of free speech and net neutrality, which is good for the internet but potentially not so good for business. We inherently trust online businesses and when this trust is compromised it hurts them as consumers stay away. The continued growth of an internet economy to the UK is so important that it has drawn the attention of the regulator Ofcom who is keen to see changes in how domain names are regulated and to create a more trusted and safer commercial environment. So there needs to be a review. Rather than arbitrary making changes Nominet has sought to enter into a consultation process. To kick it off Nominet has outlined its thoughts in a proposal to stimulate the debate about achieving a more trusted country level domain. . . ."

Wait, Pool.com is still in the drop catching business? - Domain Name Wire: " . . . When a friend contacts me about how they should acquire an expiring domain, the first thing I do is look up where it’s registered. That’s because most large registrars have an exclusive relationship with either NameJet, SnapNames, or Go Daddy to auction off their expired domains. And that’s exactly why Pool’s drop catching business is irrelevant. When the market shifted to these registrar agreements, Pool was left on the side of the road. It was left fighting for the scraps. It always perplexed me why Pool wasn’t able to ink its own registrar deals. In my conversations with registrars over the years, some have told me that Pool didn’t gain much of their trust during the Wild West days of drop catching. On the flipside, registries that have launched in recent years have told me that Pool was the only company that had the end-to-end functionality necessary to run sunrise and landrush auctions. It makes sense that Pool is going after this opportunity. That said, with hundreds of domain sunrises and landrushes coming up in the next couple years, competitors have developed the workflow technology to compete head-to-head. . . "

New top-level internet domains to launch in 2013 | Technology | guardian.co.uk: ". . . . ICANN plans to launch roughly 1,000 new internet suffixes in the first 12 months of the rollout, with the first expected to be available by early 2013. . . ."

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