12 December 2012

ICANN Strategic Plan

If you're a domainer or involved with domains in any way, this is worth checking out--

ICANN Strategic and Operating Plan Process | ICANN: "ICANN produces a three-year Strategic Plan (reviewed and updated annually), along with a framework for the draft Operating Plan and Budget, and an annual Operating Plan. The ICANN planning process is continuous and allows for an overlapping of its three components: Strategic Plan, which is developed with community input usually between July and February Framework for the Operating Plan and Budget that begins in December with community input and target setting Draft Operating Plan and Budget that is posted by 17 May of each year for final community review This year's approved Strategic Plan 2012-2015 [PDF, 864 KB] – adopted by the ICANN Board during the Special Meeting of the Board of Directors held in Amsterdam on 6 May 2012. The Strategic Plan feeds into the Operating Plan and Budget and helps to define ICANN's yearly goals and priorities. . . ."

(above screenshots from ICANN plan)

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