21 December 2012

ICANN’s great domain name auction

.com is so 20th century – Welcome to ICANN’s great domain name auction: "ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has held its lottery draw for 1,930 new sponsored global top level domains (gTLDs). . . The ICANN “prioritisation draw” was held in an all-day event at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton, complete with a barrel girls and the razzamatazz of a Lotto draw. The main purpose of the draw was to determine the order in which ICANN will evaluate the applications. Each applicant paid US$185,000 to ICANN, but if there were multiple applications for the same name, then those applicants must try to decide between themselves who will be the candidate. They might draw straws, have a private auction, or set a joint venture to share the domain name. If they cannot decide, then ICANN will hold an auction limited to the applicants and keep the money. It has already made $350 million from the application process – by such methods does ICANN fund its operations. The top five contested TLDs are:
.play has four applicants (one of them is Amazon )
.dog has three applicants
.party has two applicants
.energy has two applicants
.food has three applicants.
. . . . The original generic TLDS date from the 1980s, when seven were defined (.com, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net, and .org). In 2000 seven new TLDs were introduced (.biz, .info, .name, .pro, .aero, .coop, and .museum). ICANN took over responsibility for allocating names from the US Government in 1999. . . . "

'We Buy Ugly Houses' franchisor wins domain name dispute
The company behind the slogan "We Buy Ugly Houses" has prevailed in an arbitration proceeding against the previous owner of a domain name that allegedly used the company's trademark to offer links to competing services. Dallas-based HomeVestors of ...


5 Factors I Consider When Acquiring a Domain Name
Elliot's Blog (blog)
How the domain name was previously used. A domain name's history is important for a few reasons. I wouldn't want to build on a domain name that had a website that was flagged by others for fraud or a scam. When people search for the domain name in ...

Funny: UDRP complainant says registration in bad faith is “not applicable”
Domain Name Wire
One of the starkest illustrations of a deficiency was the section of the Complaint dealing with this, the third element to be proved, namely that the Domain Name was registered and is being used in bad faith. On this topic the Complaint simply read ...

Report from the ICANN Prioritization Draw for New gTLDs
Domain Name News
Subscribe to RSS Feed · About · Advertising · Submit News · Contact Us · Domain Name Tools & Resources .... on Google Removes the .CO.CC Domains its Search Index; Say it like it iz on Another new TLD Site launched – for .FOOD and many others...

Domain Name News

Accented French Characters In .CA Domain Names Coming January 2013
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
CA domain names comprising accented French characters beginning January 13, 2012. CIRA is introducing support for the full range of French characters, such as é, û, à, ç, ë. Every French character variant of a registered .CA domain name will ...

Domain Names
Lawdit Commercial Solicitors
Most issues occur in relation to trademarks, and if a domain name is a registered trademark, any infringement is assessed with regards to the principles in the Trade Marks Act 1994, i.e. using an identical sign/name for identical goods or services.It ...

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