19 December 2012

.christmas delayed till 2014, thanks to domain name lottery

Luck of the draw--

No-ho-ho – .christmas delayed till 2014, thanks to domain name lottery ...
The Guardian
Call it divine intervention, or the luck of the draw, but the pope continued his holy expansion into cyberspace after .catholic in Chinese was the first new domain name to be drawn. The Vatican's Pontifical Council for Social Communication secured the ...

The Guardian

.com is so 20th century – Welcome to ICANN's great domain name auction
Because ICANN will have to vet each application, getting a higher position in the draw makes a big difference to how soon a successful applicant can start using its domain name. “Coming a thousand places higher in the draw could make a year's ...

Lofgren Looks to Slow Down Domain Name Seizures
Roll Call
“Taking a website down or seizing a domain name should be a last resort, opposed to a standardized knee-jerk reaction.” Lofgren, a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee who represents a Silicon Valley district, is not the first politician to ...

Roll Call

Why Swiss International Airlines withdrew its .swiss application
Domain Name Wire
Swiss International Airlines uses the Swiss.com domain name. If it got .swiss it would use it to promote flights. Instead, the government will use it to promote Switzerland. That means we might see second level domain such as alps.swiss and travel.swiss.

Craig Agranoff: Domain Names, Trademarks and Infringements
Huffington Post
These define what's called "bad faith registration." Dates of registration -- the trademark should usually have been registered (meaning the filing date, not the award date) before the domain name, otherwise the domain is probably not infringing on the TM.

Lofgren Looks to Slow Down Domain Name Seizures : Roll Call Policy
By gauthamnagesh@cqrollcall.com (Gautham Nagesh)
At the start of this year, protesters helped derail the Stop Online Piracy Act, which would have strengthened the Justice Department's ability to shut down websites violating copyright laws. Lofgren is set to introduce legislation to address the ...
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.Green gets edge on .eco in new TLD priority draw - Domain Name ...
By Andrew Allemann
Green draws are better overall, but that doesn't mean it will come to market first. When ICANN planned digital archery to determine the order in which it.
Domain Name Wire

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