24 October 2014

Domain Names, Trademarks, Elliot vs Google, Decision, Order, Analysis

How to lose your domain names (and $$ invested) real fast--UDRP followed by Court decision--

"During a two-week period ending on March 10, 2012, Plaintiffs used a domain name registrar to acquire 763 domain names that combined the word “google” with another brand" (from Court Memorandum below)

Elliot v. Google: Memorandum of Decision and Order (see further below for analysis):

Google successfully defended its trademark of the word Google against two Arizona plaintiffs who argued that "google" had become a generic verb and asserted, inter alia, that the GOOGLE mark has become generic. Legal Analysis below:

Use as a verb not always the kiss of death for trademarks: Elliot v. Google | Lewis Roca Rothgerber - JDSupra:

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Google Fights Genericide Claim (and Wins)
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