25 October 2014

Milton Mueller on ICANN, IANA Functions, and IANA Transition (video)

Milton Mueller (GNSO) -

Milton Mueller on ICANN and the IANA Transition (video above) Published on Oct 17, 2014
Milton Mueller discusses his representation of the GNSO on the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) during the group’s second meeting in Istanbul, 6 September 2014.

Read also: Cauldron part 2: Is the names IANA compatible with the others? | IGP Blog: ".... the twin assumptions that 1) the IANA functions operator must be a single entity combining names, protocols and numbers, and 2) that the single entity should be inside a corporation [ICANNthat is responsible for policy making for domain names not only has practical problems – it poses major risks to the future autonomy of the internet. Although it has helped to uncover these dilemmas, the ICG process of allowing each community to develop its own IANA transition proposal actually minimizes these dilemmas. If all of these communities were thrown into the same cauldron to work out their desired transition plan, the temperature would surely rise even higher and the conflicts would be even more intense."

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