17 June 2014

ICANN, London 50, Special Interests, Lobbyists

Going to ICANN's next meeting, London 50 (June 22-26  #ICANN50 )? Better take along some Chinese herbal lotion:

" . . . . you deny the existence of special interest lobbies in ICANN? Tell you what. Get yourself to an ICANN meeting, let me know if it is London, Los Angeles, or any other one, and I will give you a personal guided tour of special interest lobbies in ICANN. You’ll be shaking hands with so many lawyers and consultants you may want to bring some Chinese herbal lotion. If you want less dynamic and interesting evidence, take a look at this old blog post of ours, http://www.internetgovernance.org/2013/09/14/meltdown-iii-how-top-down-implementation-replaced-bottom-up-policymaking/ which documents ICANN staff’s catering to trademark/brand protection interests. And take a look at the public comments submitted regarding the EWG preliminary reports. It’s pretty obvious where people line up...." - Professor Milton Mueller (source)

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