05 June 2014

Demand Media: Registrar Business; Content and Media Business

bar chart of Demand Media revenue 2011-2013
Demand Media Revenue (in thousands) by division

data on Demand Media Revenue (in thousands) by division
Demand Media Revenue (in thousands) by division

Things are looking up for Demand Media (eNom, Name.com, eHow, Livestrong et al) -- Seeking Alpha has an in-depth report of how Demand Media's Content and Media Business (eHow,  Livestrong) took a hit from a Google Panda update in May 2013, designed to reduce the search results of websites that mass-produced low-quality content. Since then, a recent Panda update appears to have helped both eHow and Livestrong --

Demand Media's C&M Business Prospects Boosted By New Google Search Algorithm Changes - Demand Media (NYSE:DMD) | Seeking Alpha: "Summary: Demand Media is a deeply undervalued internet company underpinned by blue-sky growth in its registrar business and a turnaround in its C&M business. A Google search algorithm change introduced last week has boosted DMD’s ranking in search engine results and should translate into immediate growth in revenue. Sell-side analysts are at peak pessimism in their views on DMD. The new Google algorithm update will change that and lead to re-ratings and renewed interest in DMD...." (read more at the link above)

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