10 June 2014

Google Is an Advertising Company, Search Myth Busted

Google 2013 Revenues:  Advertising: 91%  Other: 9%

The Google 2013 Form 10-K says it all:
Data on Google Revenues, Advertising, Other
Google Segment Revenues by Percentages

Google Revenues by Segment
Google Segment Revenues by Revenue Source 

"Google is not a search company, nor they are a smartphone company - they are an advertising company and there is no way around it." -- Seeking Alpha

Google provides services, including search, upon which it can place advertising. For that reason, most Google services are free to the user. The monetization model for most Google services therefore is based upon advertising revenues.

Search Myth Busted"Consumers aren't just searching via Google. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Meanwhile, Twitter gets about 32 billion search queries per month, which is more than Bing and Yahoo combined."

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