03 November 2013

Lousy Domain Name Ruins Business

Business owners -- caveat emptor --

Why your terrible domain name is ruining your business: " . . . . Ever wonder why phone numbers only run seven digits? This is because seven is the magic number when it comes to the brain’s memory capacity. Just like phone numbers were formatted around the limits of human memory, you should follow a similar rule for domain names. According to a report from 2011, the most popular length for a domain name was eight characters. In 2010, the average was a bit longer at 10 characters, but among the most popular sites it was actually closer to six characters. So obviously short and sweet rules the day when it comes to choosing a domain name customers will actually remember. Finally, when it comes to what comes after the domain name, .com is still by far the best way to go when trying to brand your company as a leader. While other web destinations like .me and .net have gained traction, the .com ending still sounds the best to customers and potential partners. After all, there were 100 million .com domain names in 2012. . . ." (read more at link above) (emphasis added)

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