10 November 2013

gTLD madness, "Dot Com is the gold standard" - Frank Schilling

Part 1 above, Part 2 below Watch the debate (above), then go back and read Frank's blog entry from 2012 --

In New gTLDs, The Only Certainty is Change « Seven Mile Blog: "For me, today’s snapshot of currency pecking order rhymes with the domain World.  . COM is the gold standard. Universally accepted and used.  Close behind are CC TLD’s; issued and minted by the Country you live in. There are regionally vibrant alternative TLDs like .net, .org, .TV .biz, .me and .co. – some of which are CCTld’s, well marketed and visually appealing as gTLD alternatives. I liken this bunch to currencies accepted in certain instances – like Yen would be accepted in Hong Kong and Korea or Canadian Dollars would be accepted in the northern US states, close to the border. . . ." -- Frank Schilling, May, 2012 (read more at link above)

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