14 June 2013

Small Businesses Domain Name Decisions

Small Businesses Lack Education on Domain Name Decisions
The survey, conducted among 500 small-business owners (companies with 100 or fewer employees), indicated that 49 percent of small-business owners tried more than one domain name before settling on their current one, 55 percent believe they have lost ...

Guardian to change domain to theguardian.com
The Guardian is to change its domain name to theguardian.com, reflecting a shift to a global digital approach and to further strengthen its presence worldwide. The UK site (guardian.co.uk), the US homepage (guardiannews.com), and the mobile site ...

Intellectual property lawyer guilty of reverse domain name hijacking
Domain Name Wire
A three person World Intellectual Property Organization panel has found an intellectual property lawyer guilty of attempting to engage in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and bringing a UDRP complaint in bad faith in abuse of the administrative proceeding. . . .

Microsoft submits dispute against Xbox One domain squatter
Domain name registrations made before a product is launched can be used to find out the name of the product, in this case the Xbox One, a title Microsoft kept top secret. For this reason, companies avoid filing domains that will reveal the product's ...

DomainAdvisors.com Rebrands Under a Cool New Name - Introducing Igloo.com!
Domain Name Journal
While we love the DomainAdvisors name, and will continue to ensure we approach each opportunity as an advisor, the number of companies in our industry with the word "domain" in their name has unintentionally led to serious brand confusion. Given we ...

Google Loses UDRP On Play-Gogles.com; Not Confusing To TM On Google Play
In a case that is sure to drive the trademark holders crazy, Google Inc. just lost a UDRP on thedomain name play-gogles.com which was registered in February 2013. Google claimed it had rights to the domain name play-gogles.com based off its trademarks ...

3 Myths People Commonly Tell You (And Often Believe) About Their ...
By Morgan
What this means is that I've heard just about every justification for why a particular domain name or portfolio is the best thing since sliced bread. If you're a fellow domain investor, you've probably heard all of these yourself. However, if you're ...
Morgan Linton

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