21 June 2013

New gTLDs and Trademark Clearinghouse

A fitting title below to the new gTLDs scheme--

Insane in the Do-main: The New gTLDs and the Trademark Clearinghouse | Field Law - JDSupra: "ICANN (the entity that essentially controls the worldwide domain name system) is in the final stages of processing approximately 1,900 applications for new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains – like ".com") many of which are expected to come online in 2013. Some of these applications are private brands, like .ford and .audi, while some generic gTLDs will likely only be used only by the owner – e.g. Safeway and Walmart have both applied to own .grocery. Many are also non-english names, and/or in non-western script, like (Samsung). Click here to view the whole list. Excluding all the private and esoteric new domains, that still leaves 1,000+ non-private, new, english-language gTLDs, including, to name a few: .eco, .bank, .hotel, .apartments, .app, .porn, .art, .beer, .wtf, .sucks, .lawyer, .doctor, .engineer, .soccer, .university, .gay, .dog, .forsale, .education, .giving, .hockey, .mba, .medical, .school, .science, .sex, .soccer, .sports, .technology – and the list really does go on and on (and on). . . ." (read more at the link above)

Overview of Elliot's Business: "While at the TRAFFIC conference a couple of weeks ago, I met a number of people I hadn’t met before. Most of these people had heard of my blog, but a couple of them asked me what I do aside from my blog. I explained what I do to them, and I thought I would also give you a general overview of my business. . . ." (read more at link above)

.com Domain Names – Verisign".com is the standard for doing business online. Give your business the recognition associated with a .com to help connect with new customers and partners. 97% of the top 100 brands have a registered.com domain 75% of globally registered domains (TLDs) are .com 93% of the Fortune Global 100 use .coms .com has had 100% operational accuracy and stability for more than 15 years, throughout the explosive growth of the Internet"

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