06 June 2013

Responsive design dooms dot mobi

Responsive design has killed .mobi--it's just not needed--just get the .com!

Responsive design is another blow to .mobi - Domain Name Wire: " . . . But there was a much simpler solution that offered a good browsing experience to mobile visitors without the need to remember a separate domain name. Automatic device and operating system recognition enables web publishers to easily shift a visitor to a mobile site. Let’s face it: .Mobi isn’t needed. Site visitors don’t need to know the URL of a company’s mobile site; they will be forwarded there when they type in the .com URL. . . . High quality responsive web design is now available to the masses. There are hundreds of responsive WordPress themes available for under $100 (or even free). . . ."

Guy Registers TM Infringing Domain At The Same Registrar The Domain Infringes On | TheDomains.com"“‘Respondent must have had actual knowledge of Complainant’s BULKREGISTER mark at the time Respondent registered the domain name because Respondent remarkably used Complainant’s BULKREGISTER registrar service to register the at-issue domain name.” “Registering a domain name that one knows is confusingly similar to the trademark of another indicates bad faith registration and use under Policy.”" (read more at link above)

Angry Birds maker files its first UDRP - Domain Name Wire: "Although UDRP handles cybersquatting cases and not the sale of counterfeit goods, it’s a useful tool to take down such a site when the site uses the trademark in its domain."

Armani loses domain dispute for EA7.com - Domain Name Wire: ". . . Armani sells a line of sports clothing under the EA7 name. It appears that the EA7 brand was around prior to the domain registrant acquiring the domain name in 2010. However, the domain owner argued that it registered the domain because it stands for its business name “Education Assistance”, followed by the lucky number 7. A World Intellectual Property Forum panelist determined that Armani had not proved the domain was registered in bad faith. . . . "

UDRP Files Against Two Letter Domain Name SM.net | TheDomains.com: "A UDRP was just filed yesterday the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on the domain name SM.net" (read more at link above)

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